Perhaps it may not be wrong to say that among the worst sounding words, as painful in imagination as deplorable in usage, is prostitution. Isn’t it? Equally worse are phrases like rape and torture. What do you think? We hear stories of innocent and harmless women being subjected to torture and prostituted all the time. It happens in the West. It happens in the East. It’s common in humans. But what do you do, how do you react when you hear the above in lines with an animal- say, an orangutan?

You heard that right and you read that shockingly so. Didn’t you? Here’s the catch. What you are going to read further might simply shake up your belief in the phrase called normality. In fact, forget humanity, that’s a virtue in some cases.

Well, it turns out that a female orangutan by the name of Pony was recently rescued from a prostitution ring where she was subjected to severe physical treatment for months together. The life of Pony the Orangutan had been severed by the life of the harrowing Indonesians who had mistreated her.

This Orangutan- actually, an endangered Bornean species- was rescued by some conservationists who recently retold the story of her rescue. But, in order to that, one will have to rewind back to the events of 2003, that’s some 15 years back in time.

Daily Mail

It was during this year that Pony was found in an unconscious stage on a mattress in a brother village- we know, that sounds strange- that goes by the name of Kareng Pangi.

And now that might irk someone to wonder as to who were the people responsible for the mistreatment of this poor innocent animal.

You’d be surprised to know that a pool of palm oil farmers together was responsible for the abhorrent mistreatment extended to the animal, harmless that it has been. It’s reported that the animal was held captive for months and months together, often going without food and with tiny amounts of water. So inhuman were the beasts in the guise of men who mishandled the animal that it’s been reported Pony was made to shave every two days; wear perfumes and even don a hat.

Daily Mail

For the mere comfort and leisure of insane, vile human beings were this animal abused and mistreated, often multiple times during the course of a single day. According to the conservationists who were responsible for saving the animal, the Orangutan had been snatched away from her mother when she was very young. From an early age, hence, it had been forced to perform sexual acts for the viewing pleasure of those who ‘hired’ it.

The descriptions become only too weird as you progress further reading this miserable story of torture and gore.

Speaking on this issue and elaborating further on the mistreatment and the feelings that emerge from this episode, the Director of Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, Michelle Desilets spoke to the revered Daily Mail (English media publication) and shared the following:

You could choose a human if you preferred, but it was a novelty for many of the men to have sex with an orangutan.’

According to Michelle, her owners were reluctant to let Pony go when the team initially tried to rescue her and even threatened them with machetes.

‘She was being used as a sex slave’, Michelle added, ‘She was probably about six or seven years old when we rescued her, but she had been held captive by a madam for a long time.’

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