Pakistan! One word, multiple reactions, polarised opinions and, sad news that often makes the world’s blood boil and takes the sheen off of the good news. How often have we heard Pakistan engaging in violent bloodshed and extremist activities that not only incite their neighbours on the other side of the border but managing to draw the international community into some kind of rabble?

But this latest bit of news has actually generated a light-hearted reaction from everyone, which is a first for Pakistan. Quite simply, for the sheer rarity of it. Actually, it ought to be asked, how often does one get to hear about a light, easy-going day in the life of a vivacious but violent country?

This one’s surely slated to give anyone- perhaps even those who are hard to please- a good laugh. Well, it appears that a politician based in Karachi found a rather extravagantly daft way of asking for votes. What actually happened in Pakistan’s Karachi may perhaps serve as an eye-opener for the other politicians, in different parts of the world.

Truth be told, at this point in time, it may not be incorrect to hail Mr Ayaz Memon Motiwala as a garbage dump leader. Or, for that matter, Pakistan’s Ayaz Memon Motiwala a “rubbish” politician may not exactly be incorrect, well, figuratively speaking. And honestly, one can hardly be blamed for it.

What is one to do when a renowned politician chooses to pose for pictures in an attempt to garner media highlight, posing in midst of actual garbage and rubbish? Of all the places at his disposal- for instance- the Clifton Beach, the legendary Mazar-E-Quaid, the Mohatta Palace and even the Hawke’s beach- it took some inexplicable undoing of his own image to pose next to a dump of aggregated garbage.


One cannot help but question Mr Ayaz Memon Motiwala on his decision- is everything alright with you sir? At this point in time, Pakistan is actually gearing up for general elections. Funds are running high for funding campaigns like free booze in a gigantic fundraiser dinner. It’s not surprising to find social media being channelised by everyone to enter doors of popularity to generate a word or two of good where it wasn’t even possible.

It’s a common sight to spot fame-hungry as well as earnest, dedicated Pakistan politicians engaging in eschewing boundaries between themselves and the common man. Self-marketing is in. And that said, we all know that the best form of marketing- more often than not- is self-marketing. In this light, therefore, the recent step taken by Mr Ayaz Memon Motiwala to generate a unique way of garnering votes may have been concocted purposefully. In fact, absolutely.

How else is one to describe the vile act of lying down in a near gutter-like space on the open civilian road with one striking pose for the camera? Perhaps, it’s safe to suggest, never before in the history of any political campaign would such a step have been taken.

But, in case, you were of the view that, that was it by Mr Memon Motiwala, then think again. In an actual live Facebook video post, it was shown that this Pakistan politician (in Karachi) was drinking sewage water. When contacted about the sheer stunning bizarreness of his act, here’s what the politician had to say.

“This bizarre stunt was a way to draw attention to the unhygienic conditions and the faulty sewage systems of the city.”

There’ve been other photographs that have been taken that show the man sitting clearly on a big pile of garbage, without there being any apparent sign of discomfort or the slighted of regret. Isn’t that shocking? Can you eat your next meal properly without throwing up? That told, the most interesting perspective about the entire not so unique way of self-propagation, not everyone seems to be at odds with the man.

While only a few have shared that the entire act was a rather bizarre way of carrying out self-promotion, others from Karachi and elsewhere have been quick to run to Mr Ayaz Memon Motiwala’s defence. They are of the view that his campaign idea was correct and stands justified.

Perhaps, it may be time for the iconic Ripley’s Believe it or not to re-focus its attention elsewhere; how about visiting the sub-continent for this one?

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