If you thought that physical diseases only traumatise the world and health concerns then think again. Corruption is an intangible concern that needs to be fixed. Governments have done their bit; social activists have raised their voice against it; movies have been made to lead to more awareness. Still, the problem persists. In fact, some of the world’s concerns rest in the form of the most corrupt countries of Asia.

Corruption is that malady that is slowly eating up most of the functional economies of the world. It’s not merely an administrative impediment; it’s mostly an orchestrated effort on the part of a few holding a position of influence that chews up a nation from within.

Corruption is tantamount to treason; it’s more than a crime. It’s a form of a hindrance that arrives as cancer and slowly withers away all the energy from a country. This isn’t just a scenario in the East or the West; it’s often seen as becoming a common language in which the world interacts.

What’s upsetting is to find out that each year there seems to be a rise in the level of corruption. And with that, the shake-up in the rankings that concern some of the world’s most corrupt countries!

Where the recent past stands, then there’s hardly been a dearth in corruption in all parts of Asia. For starters, the endless list of scams and scandals hitting the Indian sub-continent were, quite simply, abominable. Take the Coal scam and the latest in the long-list of undoings: Neerav Modi scam. Then, in another part of Asia, in South Korea, there was this Presidential scandal. The list of wrongdoings has been torrential.

Let’s take a look at the problem a little closer. Let’s understand which are some of the most corrupt countries of Asia:

1. Myanmar

most corrupt countries of Asia

With about 40 per cent bribery rate, the land of Aung Sang Suu Kyi is amongst the most corrupt countries of Asia. This is, despite the famous 2013’s anti-corruption law that was put into place in order to nab all the evildoers.

And still, what do we find? In a recent survey, it was believed that, at least, 40 per cent of the judiciary is corrupt. And not just that, almost everyone is Myanmar believes that the police- in entirety- are corrupt.

At least one-fourth of the population believes that corruption has only increased in the last one year.

2. Pakistan

most corrupt countries of Asia
Dunya News

This is another country where things haven’t really changed over the course of the past few decades, effectively, in the last ten years.

With a 40 per cent bribery rate, Pakistan’s economy is saddled with corruption at all levels. For a nation that’s under the direct nose of the defence forces, especially the large Pakistani Army, this is a rather strange scenario.

Where the police are concerned, at least three-fourths of the current populace believe, is entirely corrupt. Of the many people who’ve had, at some stage, an altercation or interaction with the police, feel that the police is really corrupt and easy to bribe.

3. Thailand

most corrupt countries of Asia

Who would’ve imagined that even Thailand is an awfully corrupt country? Can you believe that there’s, at least, 41 per cent bribery rate in Pakistan? The current-ruling Military Junta has only tightened the Anti-Corruption law in 2015.

Yet, one of the most enterprising aspects of the Thai people is that the population still remains highly optimistic predicting a better future for the nation. And that’s really something commendable. Is this the effect of the ‘Enlightened One?’

4. Vietnam

most corrupt countries of Asia

Yet, another surprising name that one finds in the list of the most corrupt countries of Asia. Isn’t it? But, wait; hold your horses. Wait, until you get to read the bribery rate in the country. It is believed that the current bribery percentage is around 65 per cent.

If you wanted to allocate Vietnam a tag in this regard then only loathsome would suffice. The country whose economy is growing by the tick of the clock and where a rising culture of entrepreneurship finds itself at an intersection of creativity and technology, it’s really surprising that Vietnam too features in a rather dubious list consisting of the most corrupt countries of Asia.

5. India

most corrupt countries of Asia

Now, we are talking, aren’t we?

How could India have missed the boat? With there being 69 per cent bribery in the country, one finds Pakistan to be a tiny toddler. Truth be told, this is not only horrible for a country that treats its nation as a ‘motherland’; one described as pious and pure but also perfunctory at so many levels that cannot be explained.

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