Cats are so much more different than any other kind of pet, people usually decide to pet, in the world. There are certain traits that make them extra special and only a cat lover would be able to feel and notice those traits. Apart from that, cats are also some of the most beautiful pets in the world.

Almost every cat has something eerily intriguing about them, while constantly being beautiful at all possible time.

However, have you ever thought about exactly what makes a cat more beautiful than its peers or from other cats in the world? We often do think about that, but after coming across this particular cat we certainly know that this is the winner of almost every pageant in the world.

This absolute beauty has a flawless split of grey and black fur divided almost perfectly down the middle of her face, which is indeed one of the rarest things one could ever see. This rare marking on the British Shorthair is the result of two embryos fusing together.

While the exact cause of this pet’s striking appearance is not known, other felines with this mysterious look are known as chimera cats, which are the result of the merging of two fertilised eggs, or two early embryos in the mother’s womb. The name chimera comes from the monster of Greek mythology made of lions, goats and snakes.

This, most beautiful cat in the world, is one of the results of a rare occurrence, however, it’s not only limited to cats. Various other species – including humans – can also be one of the results of this rare occurrence.

The owners of this cat, who live in France, have clicked some really amazing pictures of this beauty and you’ll also agree with us on this. Check out the pictures over here:

  1. Just look at this face!

2. The most beautiful cat in the world resting like a queen. 

3. Look at those eyes. Those big black eyes. 

4. Along with being different, she’s photogenic too. 

5. Cat in a basket.

6. Chilling like professional chillers. 

7. Staring beautifully into the oblivion. 

8. Yass Queen! Yaasss!!!

This makes me want to have a cat as a pet, as soon as possible.

Jyotsna Amla

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