There are so many things going on in the world that don’t deserve the path and sight they’re going on or seeing. People are dying of thirst, hunger, guns, bombs and so much more. And, we have come to a point were no is no, sorry yesn’t is yesn’t, or at least it would be once someone actually picks up the petition filed by UK resident Ewan Maloney on, because this is the real change Ewan wants to see in the world.

Few days back, Maloney thought enough is enough and we need something more than No to express denial over something, and he found the answer in yesn’t which has been described by the Urban Dictionary in 2008 as, ‘yesn’t’ is a word that means maybe yes, maybe no – or ‘maby yes and maby no’, with the example: ‘Do you feel like doing something tonight? Yesn’t.’

Soon, the word could be spotted everywhere on the Internet because everyone wants to be in on something utterly crazy and challenged.

Ewan Maloney’s petition has already got more than 36,000 signatures on it, which means more than 36,000 people are already done with no in their life and the language they speak. Here’s how some of them and others have reacted to the change.

After the Internet virality of the word yesn’t, various dictionary publications have come forward and declared that they might add the word in their dictionary. So, you have go the answer, it’s that easy to forward the idea for a new word in the language or change the existing one into something overly dramatic. As for you, where do you stand on this line of change? No or yesn’t?

Jyotsna Amla

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