Skilled Black professionals in South Africa have been a boon to the economy and a constant contributor to various industries, such as Manufacturing, Mining, Agriculture, Food Processing, Textiles, and various other dimensions.

Truth be told, the skilled Black professionals in South Africa have been an integral part of a country revered and widely respected as the Rainbow Nation. Given their talent and sheer skill, it’s hard to imagine the country without this lot.

But in the times to come, it appears, something of a drastic change may be on the horizon where it comes to the skilled Black professionals in South Africa.

Various reports and studies have alerted the industries and economy about a possible talent-related calamity that may strike the Protea land. It is believed that on average, 25,000 skilled professionals are leaving South Africa each year.

For a country ever reliant on the prowess of its skilled labor force, such an enormous void can no longer be afforded to be taken lightly. Some telling insights were made available by a major South African recruiting firm- Induku Consulting Group.

It happened to report that Black professionals, contrary to popular beliefs, are on their way out of the country and in large numbers. In fact, the number of skilled black professionals in South Africa that are planning to emigrate are more than those of the white professionals.

In addition to the above, there are several destinations that the lot is headed to, although most of them nestled in Australasia. Countries like Australia and New Zealand top the emigration list for the Black professionals of South Africa.

A leading publication on business and economic affairs happened to report the following in relation to the above:

“In South Africa, while many thought emigration was only a phenomenon amongst white professionals, in recent years, it is known that the number of black professionals leaving South Africa has exceeded white emigrants,” the group said.

New Zealand, Australia, and Canada remain viable destinations to emigrate to. The inability to amass sufficient points has however found many families being denied access with their visa applications being disapproved.

The USA and pursuing ‘the American dream’ would appear to be a real and attractive alternative.”

But truth be told, these aren’t the only concerns facing the South African economy, one of whose biggest strengths over the past few years has been its excellence in water technology.

It appears that South Africa’s business and financial sector has shrunk massively over the course of the past decade. Add to this the dismay caused by the rising emigration of the black skilled professionals. It also appears that the wealthy lot, those who are able to buy their place into other countries are also appearing keen to emigrate.

Would this be a crisis South Africa may find tumultuous and big enough to succumb to? What’s more? Market watchers are also reporting that potentially very high-quality tax-payers; therefore, those who can contribute to a conflicted economy are leaving the country for better overseas options.

But while such a trend has also been witnessed in the past, the fact that at the moment the South African economy is breathing a bated breath is causing a lot of negativity, thus compelling huge talent pool and crucial resources to leave.

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