Part of the beautiful Arabian peninsula known for arid weather and desert, there’s always been more to Qatar than meets the eye. Qatar’s known for being a progressive economy, it is regarded for being a beacon of sprawling infrastructure and in many ways, upholds the idea that Arab countries in the modern world are more than just their geopolitical problems and crises.

Isn’t it?

For the longest time now, one’s commonly heard Qatar’s massive plans for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. There’s been such massive excitement regarding the FIFA World Cup 2022’s final being held at Qatar.

Qatar Stadium

And now, no longer does one have to wait to see just how would Qatar’s stadium look. The time for conjecture and introspection is over. And having said that, the time for pure admiration is here.

In case, you are confused, here’s what you need to know. The finest piece of news- if it might be said- at this point in time is that Qatar has unveiled the design of the 2022 World Cup stadium.

And truth be told, there’s hardly a surprise as to why the 2022 World Cup stadium is making all the buzz. Having said that, one can see the latest images of the stadium and that just how glorious does it is, isn’t it?

One can, in fact, say that the Qatar stadium has done its bit to catapult Qatar to the attention of the remainder of the world highlighting its architectural prowess. This glorious stadium, known as Lusail, is an eye-opener of sorts.

Never before has Qatar managed a remarkable emblem of a sporting architecture of the sheer class and magnitude- or has it?

Now, interestingly, the Qatar Stadium has been unveiled finally after months of curious waiting on the part of the fans when FIFA is contemplating whether it should expand the tournament in the course of the future so that instead of 32 teams to 48.

NDTV reported in detail about the famous Qatar Stadium and shared the following:

The stadium stands close to the site of the former home of Qatar’s founder, Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed bin Thani al-Thani.

The stadium sits in the completely new city of Lusail, a $45 billion (40 billion euro) project located 15 kilometres (nine miles) north of the capital Doha.

It is one of the largest infrastructure schemes undertaken by Qatar, which is undergoing an enormous transformation for the World Cup.

Construction work, in the shape of a Qatari/Chinese joint project, is set to finish in 2020.

So having said that, one truly can’t wait for the 2020 World Cup finals to happen- isn’t it?

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