There are some actions. And then, let it be put that way that there are those actions that perhaps take everyone’s attention by a sense of a storm. Because perhaps that is the only way one may describe it. Much of the world is currently grappling with the sense of the lockdown.

Isn’t it? It’s true for many countries in Asia. It’s true for the entire North America and all of Europe. Ditto for Africa.

So it was only just and normal that South Africa too, had been grappling with the heightened challenges that came with the sense of the lockdown, which is still very much on and due to continue for the next few days.

But then, in what can only be called a bit of a surprise amid the peak of the lockdown engulfing the prosperous southern African region, it appears that the cigarettes are again on the horizon.

Yes, but wait- what?

Do we actually aim to say that amid these testing times one can have some cigarette and puff away to the glory as in the olden times?

Well, absolutely right, sir!

So as it appears and how the breaking news developments would carry it, owing to the desperate economic woes that currently underline the country, it appears that one can obtain access to the cigarettes despite currently South Africa being under its lockdown.

While to many, this may come across as a bit of an ostentatious move or too dramatic a move on the part of the government, if you were to apply the angle of the way the current economy is playing down, it may only make some sense to you.

Here is South Africa, amid a cacophony of a bouquet of too many economic ills:

On the one hand, while many of the country’s own “high net worth” individuals are reportedly moving to the other parts of the world, in the search for greener pastures, the lack of economic growth, currently stunted by negative growth rates do not really inspire much confidence.

It appears that a desperate economic breakthrough is a must for one of the most industrious and widely-regarded nations on the face of the earth; the home of the irreplaceable Madiba!

That being said, here is what the BBC had in store for suckers of all things “breaking news!”

And needless to say, therefore, that the allowance on the availability of the cigarettes could well form the most glaring and important economic highlight for much of the month:

From 1 May, some businesses will be allowed to reopen, and a third of their employees can return to work.

Tough rules had even seen a ban on cigarette sales but that will be lifted. Alcohol sales remain banned.

Some schools will also reopen but with strict limits likely on class sizes.

The country has some of the most stringent coronavirus lockdown restrictions in the world, but security forces have struggled to enforce them.

Most people are still being urged to stay at home.

Futhermore, some important pointers have also been issued in public interest by the honorable South African government:

  • Cigarette sales will be permitted
  • Exercise is to be allowed under strict guidelines
  • Public transport continues but passengers should wear masks
  • Shops and supermarkets will be allowed to sell more goods
  • Some businesses can reopen under strict conditions
  • Mines will be opened at reduced capacity
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