Truth be told, there’s nothing more important to the nation-state of Israel other than its own safety, steadiness in otherwise tense geopolitical situations and times constantly marred by political and military upheaval from the surrounding Arabic nations. To most average Israelis, that their Jewish brothers and sisters are safe (and in great health) regardless of age and wherever they happen to be- forms a recurring element in their everyday prayers. And that said, here comes a piece of news that would put a broad smile on the sparely-populated but deeply-cultural community. It appears that the Jewish Population in Israel is on the rise.

What’s more interesting is that not only the Jewish population in Israel is on the rise but there’s been a steady spike in the said population when takes into account the greater part of the world.

For a tiny cluster of the world’s overall population, one that has endured decades of relentless hatred and extreme volatility, being subject to a state of indifference- one wonders- could there be a better piece of news?

For a cultural sect that has withstood years and years of extreme bias, in different time spans of history, could there be anything more rewarding or fulfilling other than knowing that with decades of persecution well in the past, finally, the population seems to be safe and sans a sense of mortal danger as revealed recently?

Jewish Population in Israel

In lines with the above, The Jerusalem Post informed the commoners the following:

The leading Jewish news journal, published on an everyday basis- The Jerusalem Post- offered some positive insights on the subject of the Jewish Population in Israel (being) on the rise:

Today, there are 9.1 million citizens of Israel, of which some 6.7 million (74%) are Jewish, the report shows. The country’s citizens also include 1.9 million Arabs (21%) and 0.4% of “others,” including Christians and those of other minority groups.

“In the past year, tens of thousands of people have made aliyah with assistance from the Jewish Agency for Israel, along with tens of thousands of young Jews who visited Israel on educational programs such as Masa Israel Journey,” said Jewish Agency Chairman Isaac Herzog.

He said that the challenges the Jewish people in Israel and worldwide will face in the coming year, include “combating antisemitism, which has risen dramatically over the past year, along with the continuation of efforts to connect young Jews around the world to Israel against the backdrop of the [Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions] movement.”

In fact, where it stands at the moment then there’s a huge increase in the overall standards of satisfaction that an average Israeli experiences nowadays. Wondering what this is about?

Around eighty nine percent of the current make up of Israeli’s feel satisfied with their quality of life while around 88 percent are content with their jobs.

Both of these factors, it ought to be said, play such a keen role in defining an individual’s overall standard of happiness and contentment in daily life, right?

In addition to the above, it is also worthwhile knowing another positive factor that explains the contentment experienced by the contemporary Israelis:

The average earnings per household are NIS 20,027 gross.

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