A world without walls? Can that ever happen for real or at least, in this lifetime? Can we have a peaceful existence sans geographical divides, bifurcations or restrictions? It seems, this might only remain a firmament of imagination because where the real world is concerned tensity exists perpetually.

And speaking of tense situations, how can one keep the Middle East in isolation? It appears that Israel has decided to build another wall with Gaza in a bid to keep constant infiltrations along this border at bay.

A few hours back, Israel decided to construct a brand new wall in a bid to avoid the infiltrations that constantly occur along the Gaza border. This basically means that the Jewish homeland has decided to establish a brand new fortification- something very well in its right- so as to protect itself and its citizens from any doubtful or sensitive elements.

While this may seem a piece of news worthy of getting knee-jerk reactions from everywhere, from an Israeli perspective, it’s rather important. In less than two weeks of time, Israel has witnessed three cases of infiltrations from the Gaza border and its something that the Jewish state is not willing to accept at all.

So what lies ahead?

It’s pretty simple, where the government and the defence authorities are concerned. It turns out that a 20 feet high wall stretched along a 9 km stretch of route 34 between the communities of Sderot and Yad Mordechai will be constrcuted from within Israel’s territory.

But a question that’s gone unanswered so far is the source of funding for the said project. Where is Israel going to get the funding for the completion of this project? News, at this point on time, suggests that this is a pending area up for consideration of both the Israeli defence establishment and the government, including the Prime Minister’s office.

A decision regarding the same shall be made anytime soon.

The project cost is expected to be on the higher side of thousands of millions of shekel but Israel is willing to undertake construction of a new wall alongside the Gaza border at any cost.

Reporting more on the developing story, national and revered publicaiton Jerusalem Post happened to share the following:

Israel’s new upgraded barrier with the Strip is expected to be completed – both above and underground – by next summer to remove the threat of cross-border attack tunnels and stop terrorists from Gaza intent on carrying out attacks from infiltrating into southern Israel.

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