In an age where we are either concerned about looking normal and when not, then looking like a celeb, there are also some souls that aspire to look like a fictional character. We are in times where it’s not uncommon to be wanting to look like a Kim Kardashian. Hence, we end up spotting slightly heavier rears. For the longest time, we have seen individuals having a cleft on the chin like Michael Jackson. But who wants to be an elf?

Believe it or not, there are some who do wish to look like an elf. In case, some of us aren’t exactly aware as to what an elf is, then it is a combination of a supernatural being which is in fact, a human-shaped supernatural being, evidently found in the Germanic mythology.


A 25-year-old youngster by the name of Luis Padron is actually in an urgent desperation of looking like an elf. This may sound strange and bizarre at so many levels. But believe it or not- there’s a context as to why Luis Padron desires to appear like an elf. In fact, there are a lot many surgeons who are, at this time, wanting to help Luis Padron to look like an elf.

Strange as it may sound, the earnest youngster does not want to look like any other celeb because he doesn’t think that he is normal like other people. In fact, Luis Padron feels that he is a creature from the outer space. In fact, even that may not be a natural habitat as per his own description. The man is of the view that he is an individual from the future space. Regardless of what that means, there may be two ways of looking at it.

On the one hand, there’s this view that instead of wanting to look like some really appalling person who’s a psychopath from Hollywood or a tyrant from a diabolical regime, at least someone wishes to peek into the future. On the other hand, there could also be this view that why look so much into the future? Wasn’t there anyone inspiring or thought-provoking amid Luis’ own family that he could’ve gone after?

What’s also known is that Luis’ fascination for looking like an elf is that he is of the view that he connects with people from the outer world, who aren’t in any way connected to the earth. This may read like a supposition but basis Luis’ own argument that he connects with elves, what else is one to make?

So far, he’s spent quite a hefty bit onto looking like one in the end. So far, Luis has already spent a sum of £50,000 on getting the extensive surgeries he is undertaking at present. Interestingly, in order to look like his desired persona, this Argentian man- believe it or not- has travelled to South Korea where he is currently being operated. It’s quite an onerous journey of both physical effort, suffering out of medical treatment and the rigour required in travel that is making Luis quite busy in life.

Some previous editions of the surgeries have not really worked out that well for Luis Padron. And on account of his unhappiness, he went ahead and got some more rounds of surgeries done in order to get closer to the desired look, which, well, is actually part of fictional accounts of mythology represented on the television.

What this also tells us is the unique nature of us human beings. That how deeply we feel connected to the realm of mythology. And thus our desire to find a connection, even if it goes through the physical form, to connect ourselves through a bridge of physical resemblance to the other world. So far, his intended plan hasn’t quite worked out that well for Luis. He’s had a few botched up surgeries. He has even changed his eye colour to resemble the one of an elf.

An interesting trend, therefore, is that human beings no longer only wish to look like celebrities or stars. They are curious to look like extra terrestrial beings. There’s this increasing fondness for connecting to the world of the unknown. Indeed, it’s a strange world out there.

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