Hackers are considered to be some of the most notorious people on the Internet who try to get handsy with other people’s websites just for fun. We have seen some big results of this little fun in the past, however, one hacker from Dhakla is doing everything no one ever expected. He has hacked various channels on YouTube, including the most-watched YouTube video of all time – Despacito by Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi.

The hacker went onto delete the music video, just days after it hit the enormous number of 5 billion views on the website. Various other music videos by different artists, including Shakira, Selena Gomez, Post Malone, Adele and Taylor Swift also came under the target of this hacker. Though only their titles have been changed to include words like “hacked” and “killed”.

Identified as Kuroi’SH, he already has a notorious past in the hacking business. Accompanying him on taking down big video on YouTube was another hacker named Prosox. Both of them reportedly also changed the description in some videos and written “Free Palestine”.

Sadly this is not the first time a big website on the Internet was pushed under the bus by hacker Kuroi’SH. There have been hundreds of incidents like these where the hacker was able to hack into some of the biggest websites, just for fun.

Early January of 2017, Kuroi’SH hacked and defaced the official Google Brazil domain and he left a deface page along with a message on the targeted Google domain greetings his friends for the successful attack on such a high-profile domain. The defaced page was on the domain for more than 30 minutes, causing a nation-wide stir in the country.

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This was the past, now let’s come to the future plans of Kuroi’SH in terms of his hacking. The hacker just recently tweeted out a challenge that if he didn’t hit 40,000 followers today itself, he’ll take down NASA website, along with the YouTube channels of popular vlogging brothers Jake Paul and Logan Paul.

Prosox, his complicit in the YouTube hack, recently put out few tweets revealing his name to the people. He tweeted out, “The Real Kuroi’SH is Gabriel Kimiaie Asadi-Bildstein, born in Tarbes, France, he is so smart. The real Kuroi’SH wanted to tell you on my Twitter that he is Gabriel Kimiaie Asadi Bildstein, from Tarbes, France

Till now, none from these hacked websites (YouTube, Vevo, and the artists) have come forward to acknowledge or talk about this hack which makes the entire case even more interesting.

Jyotsna Amla

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