The key update on Germany is simply the following: Nicht Nach Deutschland Einreisen! Yes, a simple and straightforward instruction that! It simply means do not enter Germany. Well, consider it not a rebuke of any kind or anything like that but a standing instruction in the light of your desire to enter the great Deutschland from a country that may be dealing with some kind of new virus strain.

At a time where much of the world is still to counter what’s turned out to be a menacing threat called the COVID 19 virus, despite the vaccination drive becoming a reality with each passing day, there’s a key update on Germany.

The Angela Merkel-led establishment has confirmed that any visitors or travelers planning to enter the country from a region dealing with a new variant of the Coronavirus may have to change their plans. For to put it simply, Germany is not open to them.

Not in its recent history has Germany courted what could be called strenuous developments. Surely, while internal strife often stems from instances such as acts of violence purported by the volatile far right and matters like that but the current time is one that demands greater caution to be thrown to the winds.

key update on Germany
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Much of 2020 for Germany, akin to the rest of the world, was a year spent in damage control. As a result of being sidelined by the pandemic, the country witnessed a dubious economic situation.

So what really happened and why was there a sense of tensity captured by the general mood of the nation?

At the end of what was already a difficult 2020, given the pandemic hit (which hurt Germany just like it did others in Western Europe like France), the economy shrunk by 5 percent.

The economy minister Mr. Peter Altmaier even dubbed the development as a ‘dramatic’ move.

All’s not well anyway in some of the booming sectors of the country- i.e., the Automobile landscape. There seems to be an urgent need of the auto chip, for which Deutschland has turned to Taiwan for greater co-operation.

And with the economy not really gaining anything from the travel or hospitality landscape (stifled by the pandemic), the one thing that the country doesn’t need is newer risks by way of allowing those to reach German territory from geographies grappling with Coronavirus variants.

Popular international media based in India, WION highlighted this concern as it shared:

The emergence of new virus variants in Britain, Brazil and South Africa, deemed more infectious than the original strain, has fuelled concern at a time when many nations are struggling to rein in the pandemic.

At the moment within the government, we are coordinating towards the aim of refusing inbound travel from mutation areas,” Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said on Thursday. “We are concentrating these travel restrictions on mutation areas, that are at the moment Britain, Portugal, South Africa and Brazil.”

Seehofer said talks were ongoing to decide which category of travellers might be granted exemptions.

The above being told, what happens now? It’s known that there’s a lot of thought being given by the officials to address what are fast-moving infection developments.

As of January 20, 2021- there were as many as 2,100,618 cases of illnesses and around 50,000 deaths. But will the upcoming months in Germany be tougher than those it has already overcome? What happens now?

We shall bring you more updates.

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