This might actually be a newly constituted world record for any driver and something that anyone would dread to possess. How often have you heard a case such as this where an individual is duly informed that she or he have passed a driving test, typically designed to test the learning abilities of a soon-to-be driver, only to be informed the day later that the test had actually not been cleared.

There’s only one word and one word alone that could describe the present state of mind of one English mother- Kelsie Murphy and that term is ‘shit’. Rather, make that word into an expression: that’s shit!

Any person who’s undergoing a driver’s learning test only wishes for one thing. That is to clear the driving test and to get behind the wheels of a car. So obviously, when a new mum Kelsie Murphy of England was in fact, even given a fair, firsthand copy of the driving test that she’d cleared, she was clearly overjoyed.

In fact, Kelsie Murphy had even removed the “L-plates” i.e., the learner’s plate from her car upon having been informed that the driver’s test had been cleared. It was a feeling of great joy and one that would’ve seen the Briton hitting the road with newfound enthusiasm, perhaps a feeling that few others can match. Just that, there was a problem.

The very next day, the test centre that had ‘cleared’ the English lady in her driving test rung up the lady to inform her that the clearance was part of a fiasco, apparently, stemming from an admin blunder.

Not quite hard to understand her desolate state of mind owing to the erroneousness attached with her driver’s examination, the woman sporting a confused look stated,“I have no idea where the major mark came from. As far as I knew, everything had gone smoothly.”

Kelsie Murphy

This bizarre occurrence still makes for an unlikely world record in perhaps all of England. It is thought that the 22-year-old woman is currently the only woman in all of England to have her driver’s licence revoked even before receiving it. If that doesn’t suck, then what will, you ought to wonder?

Having told that she had passed the driver’s examination with only 6 minors, Kelsie Murphy’s feeling gutted now that the decision regarding her exam has been reversed. The mum of two had actually given her driver’s test at around April 11 this year and in registering what is to be the golden rule of passing the driver’s test- a driver is to have fewer than 15 minor faults- was even congratulated by her examiner. That day was bright and full of sultry sunshine.

The gloom, however, came immediately a day later. At having being phoned in and informed by the very same test centre that had ‘passed’ her in the examination, the lady was informed that she had to, in fact, still clear the test and that the verdict shared earlier stemmed from an administrative blunder. Truly shocking isn’t it?“ I was so happy, nearly crying, but holding myself back because I didn’t want to embarrass myself”, the woman shared.

And that’s not all. Unfortunately, the very day on which Kelsie was informed about the sad news regarding her driver’s test happened to be her very birthday. Can it get any weirder than that? This world is truly a bizarre place.

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