First of all, we would like to wish all of you a happy International Women’s Day.

We know, not much has changed on the equality front or crime rate front, or on any front to be true. However, small and pretty incredible steps are taken in the right direction and while they might not entirely change the course of a woman’s life in our society, it might somehow make things better for others.

Now let’s come back to the women’s day and its celebration.

Google Doodle, the absolute king of tributes, decided to celebrate the day with something different. They featured 12 incredible female artists and their work and stories on the platform to celebrate Women’s Day.

The comic strips, made by the artists, divulge personal stories of a specific moment or event that has changed their lives and they’re incredibly beautiful in there own ways.


Here’s the complete list of the artists and their work, featured on the Google Doodle.

Anna Haifisch – Nov 1989

Chihiro Takeuchi – Ages and Stages

Estelí Meza – My Aunt Blossoms

Francesca Sanna – The Box
Isuri – Aarthi the Amazing
Karabo Poppy Moletsane – Ntsoaki’s Victory
Kaveri Gopalakrishnan – Up on the Roof
Laerte – Love
Philippa Rice – Trust

Saffa Khan – Homeland
Tillie Walden – Minutes
Tunalaya Dunn – Inwards

Each artist has a unique way of telling their incredible story and each and every one of them was able to combine the power of words and art to bring their stories to life for the viewers.

Google Doodle ran the initiative with #HerStoryOurStory through which they’re urging the women of this world to share their story with the world in their incredible and beautiful way. Here are some of the best from the trend, currently going viral on social media.

Something like this is a breath of fresh air when you’re constantly surrounded by brands using this particular day to do nothing but grow their market. Women don’t need discounts and happy hours on women’s day (even though, it’s not too bad, to be honest) we need equality, platform and a great support system around ourselves.

Jyotsna Amla

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