For those who know Hillary Clinton just as the wife of former President and billionaire Bill Clinton,they need to know that she is also ‘the’ Presidential candidate of The United States Of America from the Democratic Party.

Much has already been said about her, be it the controversies she has been part of, or the accusations by her opponent since the past one year but the issues she has been fighting for, have not been discussed seriously. So, we thought of writing about these issues she’s been raising since the start of her Presidential campaign.

Here are some of her comments on these issues:

5163782410912111413These are the most talked about issues raised by Hillary Clinton, but there are some other topics too that she has been talking about like ‘energy’ and ‘medicare and social security’.

Hillary Clinton is an experienced Politician because she has been the New York Senator and The Secretary Of State, the USA earlier. So, coming to the conclusion we would say that all the past experiences that Hillary has, may help her to become one of the most prominent President of The United States.

26 Sep 2016
Rohan Jaitly

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