Middle class flies the cheapest flights they could get their hands upon, The Rich people fly business class but the super rich, the people who do not have a piece of the cake but the whole cake, fly with the most expensive private jets in the world and that too in style. How do they do it? They own the plane. But it is not the aircraft that you would see in air shows. These are a few of the most advanced and luxurious pieces of technology that only a few on the planet have the luxury to own. Here is the list of most expensive and luxurious private jets worldwide.

6. Gulfstream 650

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Let’s start modestly. About $ 70 million you can own this private jet. The Gulfstream G650 was presented to the public ten years ago. It is the largest and fastest business aircraft made by the US based manufacturer Gulfstream. In August 2018, the 300th Gulfstream was delivered to its customers. The G650 carries up to 19 passengers with a full tank and does not need to refuel for nearly 13,000 kilometers. The aircraft offers up to ten beds. The Gulfstream is also the most sold private aircraft in the list of most expensive private jets in the world.

5. Bombardier Global 7500

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The Bombardier Global 7500 is the world’s largest business jet according to the manufacturer. The aircraft is 33.8 meters long, the wingspan is 31.7 meters. The 1.88 meter high cabin makes sure that its good enough for tall passengers. The private jet can accommodate up to 19 passengers and carries them to a maximum of 14,260 kilometers with a full tank of fuel. The cabin can be divided into four living areas, from the conference table to the double bed. The cost is at least $ 72 million for the basic version.

4. Trump Force One

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Prior to his election as US President, Donald Trump flew in his Boeing 757, the so called Trump Force One. The New York entrepreneur had acquired the aircraft in 2011 from the recently deceased Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. The purchase price is said to have been $ 100 million. The gold sinks and buckles were retrofitted by Trump later.

3. Airbus ACJ320Neo

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The new Airbus ACJ320Neo offers the widest and highest cabin among classic business jets. The first ACJ320Neo was completed in August 2018. It can accommodate up to 25 passengers and can stay in the air for around 13 hours with a full tank of fuel. This means that non-stop flights from London to Beijing or Moscow to Los Angeles are possible without landing to refuel in-between. ACJ stands for Airbus Corporate Jet. If you are wondering about the shear size of the aircraft, the regular A320Neo is used as a passenger plane, among others, by Lufthansa. It offers space for 180 passengers and costs $ 110.6 million for basic aircraft. For the luxury private jets, one has to spend around 50 percent of the cost of the aircraft.

2. Boeing 747-8 VIP

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At 76.30 meters, the Boeing 747-8 is the longest passenger aircraft in the world. Logistics companies use this giant aircraft as a cargo plane. For some people, however, the wide-body aircraft is just a private jet with extra leg room. The HNA Group is said to have spent $ 224 million on its corporate jet plus $ 100 million in interior design in 2016 which once made this aircraft the most expensive private jet in the world. But who needs a 747-8 as a private jet? More people than you would think. In October 2017, Boeing Business Jets received 14 orders. Total value was $ 2.7 billion that the cost of the plane to $ 193 million per plane.

1. A380

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For some people even a Boeing 747 as a private jet is too shabby. The Saudi Prince Al-Walid Ibn Talal Al Saud gifted himself an upgrade a few years ago, making headlines worldwide. He ordered an A380. The cost was a whopping $ 500 million. The flying palace was upgraded with a spa area including steam room. Parking for the Rolls Royce, concert hall and prayer mats, which automatically align with Mecca. But before delivery in January 2013, the multi-billionaire sold the private jet. He preferred to invest the money elsewhere. Al-Walid was arrested at the end of 2017 for allegations of corruption.

But it gave owning private jets a New spectrum that has no limits. The A380 became the most expensive private jet in the world

Owning a private jet might just be another way for the super rich to travel. But for most people these most expensive private jets are a dream, a dream that only a handful of people in the world live.

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