It’s the world’s most-liked and preferred beverage. It’s an early morning habit while it also persists among millions, almost unfailingly, throughout the day. For most of us, it’s a morning ritual and a constant companion for the various meals throughout the day. It is even resorted to post the dinner and truth be told, there’s never really a “fixed” time about having one. Above anything else, the likes of Starbucks Coffee have only made it taste better than ever.

Today, when you think of coffee, you, more often than not, think of Starbucks. So incessant has been this relationship between a widely admired beverage and one of the most loved brands that one can’t seem to imagine the two in isolation with each other.

Most Expensive Country For Strabucks Coffee

But on those lines, here’s what strikes the mind the most about coffee.

Have you ever wondered as to which is the world’s most expensive country for Starbucks coffee? For starters, it’s not the United States. It’s not even the United Kingdom, France, Belgium or Germany for that matter.

That leaves us pondering about what might be the truth of the matter concerning the world’s most expensive country for Starbucks coffee?

Here’s what you ought to know.

It appears that Denmark is the world’s most expensive country for Starbucks coffee. Now, to state that this is a really surprising outcome may only be an understatement. So in a lighter vein, it ought to be said that if you need a regular caffeine hit, Denmark may burn the biggest hole in your pocket than anywhere else.

Surely, this is bound to make many by surprise- isn’t it?

This has been found according to the Finder’s Starbucks Index. The Scandinavian country ranks the 1st out of 76 other countries that were studied on the index for the most expensive country for coffee.

That said, here’s what a popular European media outlet- The Local- shared on the matter:

A tall Starbucks latte costs $6.05 in Copenhagen, over three times more expensive than the cheapest coffee found in Istanbul, Turkey, at $1.78, according to Finder’s Starbucks Index.

Finder, which is not affiliated with the coffee chain giant, created Starbucks Index to compare the differences in price for the same cup of coffee in 76 countries around the world.

Although the cost of a coffee includes other variables not taken into account by the index, such as the cost of raw coffee, local labour costs and taxes, the analysis is an informal way to compare local prices for a common item between countries.

Coffee Starbucks

All prices in the index are converted to US dollars.

After Denmark, which tops the list at $6.05, the top five most expensive countries or territories for a Starbucks are Switzerland ($5.94), Finland ($5.40), Macau ($5.21) and Luxembourg ($5.18).

Nordic neighbor Norway is in Europe’s top 5, at $5.14, while Sweden is a comparative bargain at $4.34.

Now while one has come to know about the world’s most expensive country for coffee, how about taking a look at the most affordable countries for the said beverage?

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It’s been found that the likes of Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, and Romania(in that order) are five of the most affordable and pocket-friendly countries where it comes to coffee. On the other hand, after Denmark, the most expensive countries for sipping some coffee include- Switzerland, Finland, Luxembourg, Norway, and Germany (in that order).

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