Do you know of Switzerland’s efforts to counter Coronavirus? Perhaps, it is about time that one, regardless of position, interest, inclination, job title, and awareness of the issue tipped a hat to Switzerland’s efforts to counter Coronavirus.

Needless to say that this is the dominant discourse of the day, an issue that has engulfed the attention of one and all, regardless of geography. The way Coronavirus, a bit like SARS in the past, has impacted multiple layers of life goes a long way to show the genuine struggle mankind if facing at present.

Not only has Coronavirus impacting the business and trade, therefore, the economic well-being of a country, but it is also causing countless damage to the social and private lives of individuals. The sooner one can control the menace, the better will it be for every one of us.

But in that part of the world where the everyday conversation is unflinchingly about natural beauty and the sprawling eye-catching splendor of mother nature, the time has come to reflect on Switzerland’s efforts to counter Coronavirus.

So what exactly is happening in the land of melting chocolates, the immeasurable delight of having Rosti, and the famous Swiss army?

Well, one doesn’t know how many would be startled by knowing this but fact is that implicit in Switzerland’s efforts to counter Coronavirus is the country’s plan to pump in 10 billion francs to those businesses that have been affected by the deadly virus.

Switzerland efforts to Help Businesses Struck By Coronavirus

While it may have arisen like a quiet storm at the beginning from Wuhan in China, today, the sheer rate at which Coronavirus is consuming everything in its wake- businesses, economy, transportation, trade, infrastructural development, even the sporting world- is more than just shocking.

That said, let’s delve deep into Switzerland’s efforts to counter Coronavirus:

Famous Swiss news media platform The Local ( shared the following:

“The situation is difficult,” Swiss President Simonetta Sommaruga told reporters, as the government listed a range of measures to halt the spread of the virus after the small Alpine country saw its number of positive tests balloon to over 1,000.

That being said, security measures and medical checks at various Swiss borders are but a natural means to control or curb the rampant situation. But in addition to the above, it’s important to note the following:

Ban on public and private events of more than 100 people. Up until now, only events of 1,000 participants or more were forbidden, though some cantons and cities adopted lower limits. That restriction includes sports events, fitness clubs, cinemas, and ski areas.

That being said, what’s worth noting is that the country is particularly concerned about the elderly who form an important constituent of the overall Swiss population. Home Minister Alain Berset happened to share, “Our priority is to protect older people who are at risk from coronavirus.”

And little wonder then that for a country ever so renowned for its banking and taxing system is doing all it can to protect an ailing current business structure with its decision to release what can only be called a whopping figure of $10.5 billion, which is nearly 9.5 billion euros.

Meanwhile, more from ground zero in the picturesque mountainous country suggests that several cantons have already commenced the closing down of schools.

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