President Trump has many good friends. Among them isn’t Vladimir Putin. The two are as different and similar as you could say Baking Soda and a box of popcorn. Both are eatables and can eat your mind raw with things they say and do.

Also, let it be reminded that Russian President- now running the office in a record historic fourth term- isn’t experiencing any emotional turmoil whatsoever in not having the best equation with Trump. Perhaps not even gremlins from outer space can sort out the differences between the USA and Russia.

In fact, the two countries, renowned for holding onto a Cold-war past have often gone so bitter that it seems, the weight of their indifference may soon fall on one of the most mouthwatering hot food items- french fries. Can it even get more bizarre?

Back in the 1990s, when the Soviet Union collapsed, the first McDonald’s outlet had opened in Russia. Ever since then, one of the favourite junk food items of an entire Russia happens to be the french fries. But all of that may change in the imminent future. In case you are wondering why, here’s the reason.

Everyone knows that the world is enforcing a tonnage of sanctions against Putin’s Russia and the United States is no stranger to the developing issue. While the imposition of sanctions may dampen not only the continuing diplomatic ties that Russia enjoys with some of the western world, it’s surely slated to impact the economic relations as well. It was certain to have led Putin’s blood to boil. And therefore, how else was one expecting Vladimir Putin to react other than come up with a decision that seems embedded in some kind of malarkey.

In this part of the 21st century where polemics are commonly issued against excesses of technology and continuous intrusion of social media, imagine a developed country coming up with an idea to ban french fries?

Moscow, it ought to be said, will continue to remain at odds with Europe and the United States in particular. Of late, unfortunate events such as the dubious involvement of Russia on a string of Facebook advertisements in an attempt to undermine American culture and lead to divisiveness among certain cultural segments and clusters of the society has rubbed the US the wrong way. There’s also been a continued assault orchestrated via cyber-warfare and devious attacks on sophisticated elements valuable for America by Russia that has irked the ties between the two countries.

To quote the head of Russian national horticultural head, Mr Korolev on the issue of french fries ban, here’s what’s known to have been said. “The introduction of restrictions on the supply of imported frozen French fries, according to the Union, will not only support domestic agricultural producers engaged in the production of raw potatoes, but will also contribute to the preservation of jobs at newly established processing enterprises, and will increase the safety and quality of the product.”

If this doesn’t highlight the plight of the hitherto valued item of export, then what will? The Russian potatoes, therefore, seem all set to stage a big comeback as gone are the days where the quality of the Russian potatoes weren’t considered good enough to be used as the base ingredient of the hypnotically divine taste of the McDonald’s french fries. Well, what else can be said other than sharing- someone’s loss is another’s gain?

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