A recent study, the report of which was published in one of the most widely-read media portals in all of Germany states that the overall percentage of people living in Germany minus any kind of health insurance is around 80 per cent. You read that right and boy, doesn’t that seem like a worrisome figure?

Just come to think of it. One of the most critical aspects of all human life, once an individual is able to afford some sort of living is health insurance.

Now imagine if you are living without any kind of health insurance- how safe can your life be? After all, unpredictability is often as common a part of our lives as is breathing or let’s say rising each morning.

So how come the percentage of people living in Germany without any kind of health insurance is such a baffling number, after all? What really is happening?

Up first, an even more arresting figure. Turns out that the overall percentage of those living in Germany minus health insurance actually grew to 81% from the period between 2015 and 2019. If that’s not one heck of a statistic then what is?

The above digits were produced by the country’s Federal Statistical Office recently. Having said so, four years ago, the number of people lacking any kind of health insurance was around 79,000. But this figure reached some new peak altogether, if it could be said so, come 2019.

All of that said, here’s something that should cut a figure of concern. It’s common knowledge that where it comes to the strong Western European power, then Germany has ‘mandatory’ health insurance for one and all.

The above is applicable and holds true whether for private or public firms and companies. Yet, what is most surprising in this particular matter that there’s no answer available with any German authorities regarding the current predicament; that how did it happen that such a vast gamut of population has no health insurance whatsoever?

Weird, isn’t it?

Everyone is wondering about the statistics that have shaken up the public consciousness. However, there is some explanation that the experts have offered in this regard.

So what is it; who’s responsible for this mess? Apparently, the experts are of the view that there always happen to be some who live on the marginalized lines, the poor and homeless, who tend to ‘fall through the cracks of the system’, as one news portal put it.

But against this alarming narrative, there are calls for a change, most noticeably from the throes of the Left Party, whose Sabine Zimmerman offered some insights about the precarious reality, saying ” The German government must urgently ensure that the right to medical treatment is guaranteed to everyone.”

That told, here’s an excerpt of a report published in local DW news network:

Zimmermann also called for self-employed people with low incomes to be allowed much lower dues, and for an end to the parallel system of private insurance, which she said allowed high earners to shirk their duty of solidarity with the rest of society.

Finally, that we are already facing one of the worst forms of the pandemic in our living history, the need to have a dependable life-cover in the form of a stable healthcare insurance cover is absolutely vital and one of those things that one mustn’t even spare an extra minute thinking about. Never before has the need to be safe and secure been so vital in our recent history- isn’t it?

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