Norway is soon going to be the only country in the whole of Europe to have an underwater restaurant. This is not only an exciting piece of news but also one that is set to hit a rare achievement, that instead of pointing to the north, will point to the south. For a country that has a pretty much of both- mountains and hills as wells lakes and rivers, this is an enticing new accomplishment.

No longer is the world that kind of a place where eating a lavish meal in a fancy restaurant bejewelled by expensive cutlery, prime chandeliers and, a signature location was enough to pack a punch. Rooftop restaurants would become as much of a trend as sea-side, beach-side eateries.

Salad-bars and fine-dining restaurants savouring four-course meals with suave names have also broken the glass-ceiling of creativity and enterprise- two of the intrinsic values- of top end restaurants.

But for an industry ever reliant on a melange of world’s culinary cultures and innovation in taste, there was always going to be the “what-next” in the ebb of a globally thriving restaurant culture.

In came the concept of dining underwater- the first of its kind of fanfare that now Norway is primed to get, among all other countries in the world. If this isn’t a new kind of high that the country is delving in, then, one wonders what might suffice?

In the heart of Oslo, Norway is the home of Snohetta, among the most revered architecture firms of Europe. A talented architect, Rune Grasdal from Snohetta has salted to come out with the chief design and look and feeler of Norway’s princely appetising home under the water.

But in an age where culinary culture is just as important as is the concept of naming a brand, Norway would feel that it has ticked the right box in that department as well. Aptly named Under, the new – soon to be completed- culinary house is named fairly and already brings about an excitement.

That Snohetta is slated to design Europe’s much-anticipated underwater restaurant has spread like wildfire. The said firm is nearly an iconic firm that has completed some mega landscape architecture and interior design projects around the sterling continent. When contacted for a comment on such a keenly awaited project, lead architect, Rune Grasdal shared in earnest, “It should be an exciting experience, but people should also feel secure and well sitting down there.”

And it’s true. Imagine the sheer prospect of seeing down nearly at the bottom of the ocean and relishing some appetisers, garnishes, tuna and lip-tingling delights whilst all beside you is an extensively pretty habitat of the water. No celebratory descriptions, no one-liners and not even the jazziest of limericks can sum up this one of a kind feel.

But what is most interesting is not a tantalising cuisine offering that Under is slated to provide, for starters. But since it is going to be an evocative design on offer, Under’s architectural design is the most pathbreaking sight on offer. While certainly, a complete design picture is not on offer as on date, what appears from the perspective or expected image is promising enough to compel one to be seated “down under amid the water” with the cutlery.

A report published on the revered CNN suggested, “Built to resemble a periscope, the half-sunken structure has concrete walls and big acrylic windows that offer a view to the underwater nature.” How delightful must that sight be, one wonders, where all around the fishes glide and sharks move freely about, under the microscopic dwelling of the tiniest sparkle existing in the paradise hundreds of feet under the water?

To suggest that beauty exists not only in delightful shapes on the land but also in each exciting fragment in what lies under our feet- is an abundantly beautiful prospect to capture in the nakedness of the eye. Nothing else can match this ecstatic beauty. And it is a beautiful irony that among the most awe-inspiringly beautiful countries in our world is all set to get a prized possession. “Under” is all set to open early next year in 2019. Expect a tough fight to get a seat at the bottom of the ocean where the reservation is concerned.

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