Not long after answering public questions, rather worries whether some mask manufacturers in France were actually selling the important facial object with RFID codes embedded in them, the strong Western European power is actually mulling a brand new decision. Whether or not to make the wearing of face masks mandatory at the workfront?

So what’s it going to be? Are we, in the near or imminent future, going to see all at their workplaces- regardless of industry or sphere of operation- going to spot people wearing face masks compulsarily?

masks in France

At this point in time, there’s not an awful lot of information on that and actually, truth be told, anything could happen. Here’s the truth or what might have led the Macron-led administration to mull about this possibility.

There seems to have been a second wave of COVID 19 cases in France, which is actually also the case for much of Western Europe, including destinations like Germany, Spain, Italy, and many more.

What was originally believed to have been a possibility- if at all- in October, seems to have arrived even before notice, it could be said. And lest it is forgotten that in France, there have been no fewer than 30,400 deaths since the Coronavirus reached its peak.

What else can a country do in terms of formulating some stringent but useful measures on the part of its common public so as to ensure some form of ground-level safety or personal hygiene!

Therefore, all of that said, the main idea behind introducing the concept of wearing a face mask at all times at one’s workplace is to basically try and slow the spread of the very contagious and as seen, deadly virus, a virus from which no fewer than 2,18,536 individuals have been affected (as per August 16, 2020 figures on

But there’s also another important decision that France needs to arrive at; as to establishing the number of times masks with RFID chips can be used, for, according to government data, the said cannot be put into use after being put into use 30-60 times.

There’s been a constant state of discussion on that between the authorities (French government) and the mask makers and a report published on the website happened to publish a report on the correct means to put the face masks (with RFID chips) into utility:

Instead, they enable the manufacturer to count how many times the mask has been washed and reused, so it can then alert the user when the maximum recommended limit has been reached.

Furthermore, the said report also published, “UBI Solutions, for example, is a leading French company that manufactures a mask called “Connected Mask”, which includes an RFID chip inside. The chip communicates with a smartphone app, enabling users to check how many times it has been washed and reused.”

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That being told, what’s of critical importance is to realize that where the last 24 hours stand, then there seems to be a fresh rebound of the Coronavirus cases with no less than 3,000 new cases being reported from around the country.

There’s an urgent need to act cautiously and effectively turn down what might just be this second or new wave of fresh COVID-19 cases.

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