It may just take it another months before France’s leading bus stop advertising, street furniture and billboard company JCDecaux becomes carbon-neutral and fully, in the country of its origin. As a matter of fact, JCDecaux may actually become fully carbon-neutral by as early as 2021. You read that right.

The famous company, founded in 1964 in Lyon, France has risen as one of strongest forces in the domain of billboard and bus-stop advertising systems. What’s also important to remember in the context of the popular Multi-national corporation, headquartered in Western Europe’s beating heart is that it is also known for its provision of public-bicycle rental systems.

Having been in global operation since past several decades, you think of billboard advertising or bus-shelter advertising and the mind automatically thinks about the French advertising giant. What do you reckon?

Not for nothing is the company called the number 1 outdoor advertising firm in the world. The carbon-neutral status, as a matter of fact, is something that some of the world’s most illustrious organizations are vying. As the world moves ever so rapidly on to the ‘edge’ beyond which lays a sense of desperation given the paucity of existing resources and the fast disappearance of what’s available, to become carbon neutral is the need of the hour.

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Climate change, it ought to be remembered, is the great nadir of the 21st century, what has been called the ‘inconvenient truth!’

That being said, a trending news report published in the PR News Wire happened to highlight the following:

For over 55 years, JCDecaux’s business model has created, supplied, managed and maintained products and services in the public interest, all funded by advertising with no cost to taxpayers. Rather than a cost to public finances, such products and services have a positive impact on, among others, fee payments to local authorities. Rent to private landlords has the same benefits.

Just as its first creation, the bus shelter, the Group is enhancing accessibility, ensuring optimal resource management and rolling out new services to the 890 million city dwellers, where the Group operates both in France and abroad.

To this end, JCDecaux has mobilised its R&D team based in France in collaboration with the 1,700 suppliers from SMEs and mid-sized business that represent its nationwide value chain. The Group is committed to ongoing innovation to continually reduce its environmental footprint and to offer services that are safe, aesthetic, eco-responsible and provide utility. In this spirit, the Group has designed and developed a new generation of innovative bus shelters® with a view to sustainably improving urban spaces.

What’s interesting is to note that JCDecaux, committed to serving the environment, happens to be the leading headliner of an industry which hardly contributes to pollution. It’s not that difficult to know why since there’s hardly any harm that an outdoor advertising agency could or can cause, right?

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It is, anyways, a low-emitting greenhouse gas sector or industry. But on the part of the French major, the company has always been committed toward lowering its consumption levels.

So in that light, its urgency to become fully carbon-neutral in the very piece of earth’s geographia where it was founded indeed, is praiseworthy.

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