The New Years is upon us, it’s just right there. There’s nothing that you can do now can delay the euphoria surrounding the New Year’s. All the work that you had to do, has been done. All the deadlines, some that were really sprucing up themselves at breakneck speed have been done. Some that you just couldn’t avoid taking up, is now, well, but over.

In these dying moments of 2018, a year that has been a bit of concern for the European nations, given the changing vagaries of the Euro, there’s only one thing that all want to do. And that is to make the most of the New Year’s Eve.

In that regard, Germany, among the most fascinating and important parts of the whole of Europe, is apparently gearing up for the New Year’s Eve obviously too but with a bit of a concern on its end.

Now having said that, while almost everywhere in the world there’s this sense of thrill concerning the New Year’s, one wonders, what must have come to trouble Germany if that’s the word that can be used in this sense?

But that said, before we foray ahead even by a bit, here’s what is important.

In nearly every country of the world, unless and until the nation doesn’t really feature among the mainstream, a common factor to note among most nations in lines with the New Year’s festivities is the concept of fireworks.

To that end, therefore, it may not even be untrue to say that most New Year’s eves are about fireworks; New Year’s Eve = fireworks.

We’ve seen- time and again- cities like Sydney, Hong Kong, Dubai, New York engage with the fireworks as they embrace the new year.

This time, however, Germany, still the strongest economy of Europe in 2018, is holding the New Year’s Eve festivities with a bit of concern.

Here’s why that has happened.

The night skies sprinkled with fireworks, the evening skies decked in anticipation of what’s to follow, and pyrotechnics dominating the course of the evening and what’s left of the night, Germany knows a thing or two about bringing in the New Year’s with some dash of style.

And having said that, it might just come down to these very factors that in 2018, things may have taken a bit of a detour, so to speak.

During the holiday season, that’s currently on, the German officials have requested the countrymen and women to embrace the New Year’s Eve with a bit of restraint. And the reason behind this is that there’s some concern regarding pollution. Blowing fireworks already cause pollution which can then, lead to an issue with safety measures.

In cities like Berlin, the spectacle of private fireworks come in the way of official celebrations since the skyline gets lit everywhere, from the east to the west. What’s worse is that on an average, in the last two years, there were nearly 800 firework-related eye injuries in Germany. This, therefore, might have added to the concern.

But that Germany is abstaining from going absolutely gung-ho in fireworks and night-time celebrations in the skies is a bit strange because fundamentally, the country has one of the most liberal fireworks laws in Europe. This year, there will be some restrictions that would be carried out and some of these are as follows:

Limitations include igniting pyrotechnics in large crowds and near churches, hospitals, and thatched-roof buildings.

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