A few hours ago, France didn’t have a usual Saturday. It was different. The air was full of power, there was a vibe of positivism and President Emmanuel Macron was pumped up to make a bold announcement.

He would eventually declare with great pride that a new military space force command had been created, one that would eventually be a part of the French Air Force.

This wasn’t an ordinary announcement and neither did it come on the eve of just another Sunday.

That La France is going to have a fully-geared-up military space command was made public on the eve of the famous St. Bastille day (national celebrations). These aren’t ordinary celebrations either. They are a national-talk of the town with an expansive military parade up in the force of its full might amid the public spectacle at the famous Champs-Elysees.

But there was a twinge of difference in this development; not until this powerful military development had France developed a capacity or means to defend itself from up in the space and via space!

This is, according to France’ president, an initiative that was championed also by Donald Trump. But the new military doctrine for the country puts the country in an exquisite list, on to which only superpowers like America and Russia belong.

Not even China or Japan have achieved something of such paramount military and defence importance.

A leading European publication happened to share the following in light of the Western European nation breaking new ground:

“We will strengthen our knowledge of the situation in space and we will protect our satellites better, including by active means,” Macron said.

The French air force “will in due course become the Air and Space Force,” Macron added, promising that the “essential new investments will be approved.”

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