You know it for being home to one of the best amusement parks ever in Tivoli Gardens. You’ve heard raving reviews about the Danish pastry. And probably you already know that for years together, it’s been named among the world’s happiest countries. Now, Denmark is all set to surprise you more. It has been confirmed that Denmark will be soon completing construction of a rare first: a wooden skyscraper.

One of the leading online mastheads from Denmark reported that Denmark has already begun construction of its wooden skyscraper. Till date, there’ve been huge concrete structures and lanky corporate towers but now, the Viggo Mortensen-land is all set to embark on new high.


If you travel one hour south from Copenhagen, you’ll hit Skove, a large forest cover, part of one of the most beautiful sights in all of Denmark. Out here in Skove’s preserved forested area- Gisselfeld Klosters- Denmark has given nod of approval to construct a one of it’s kind wooden tower. The speciality of this rare engineering marvel, apart from the altitude- 900 metres long- is obviously the material. One cannot note for sure if there are other similar construction emblems in Nordic Europe, least of all none in Denmark.

Currently planned to be used as an observational tower, Denmark’s wooden tower shall certainly turn out to be a famous selfie-clicking spot, given the huge anticipation for its completion. Add to it the enervating design of a round circular pattern that lends newfound efficacy to an otherwise routine tower structure is slated to make the landmark even more unique. At the heart of this newest Danish construction is the quintessential spiral design. Usually similar design patterns possess an allure that one may not find in other conventional structures.

But with Denmark’s wooden construction, chances are that it will not only put up a head-turning phenomenon but one that makes its way well into global lifestyle journals. Such constructions are particularly arresting to both engineers and architects but also for fans of design and students. That’s not all. The actual tower will also be linked to an observational tower whose expected height will be around 45 meters. The news regarding the beginning of construction at the site has elated the Danish minister of business who declared, “I am an elated man today.” What is interesting is to note that at present, the aforementioned area gets around 18,000 visitors annually.

Once completed this figure will shoot up skyward and it is slated to attract around 100,000 people. What a boost to tourism in a single stroke of conception, isn’t it?

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