There have been a great many deaths in Europe as a whole. There are easily more deaths in this part of the continent than in many others put together, with the possible exception of Asia, which was the source of the emergence of this catastrophe. We’ve already read about the situation in France. The mere mention of Italy moves the heart to a state of utter devastation, bringing tears to eyes. Let’s not even talk about the state of fear. But have you wondered how’s the situation with regards to Coronavirus in Belgium?

We know that the cases in Germany haven’t really exploded to a state of national worry. We also know that the French Army took over the Macron-led country a few days ago. Switzerland, one of the world’s most gorgeous, and truth be told, land-locked countries, has already sealed its borders.

But not an awful lot has been covered, truth be told, with regards to Coronavirus in Belgium. So how is the situation back in the popular Western Europe heartland?

Just what has happened over the course of the past few days with reference to Coronavirus in Belgium?

Apparently, in case you missed out on it, according to the website Worldometers; there is a genuine cause of worry. As of March 24, 2020, there were as many as 4,269 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Belgium. Of these, around 129 cases of deaths were confirmed by the government.

Until a few hours back, it was confirmed that there were around 342 new cases of Coronavirus in Belgium. And it could be said, while there’s not been an out and out sense of panic in the country, there surely is a reason to worry. The number of deaths hasn’t come to a state of standstill in the country renowned for a rich cross-section of European heritage and design.

The latest updates from The Brussels Times pointed to the following:

Mouth masks and hydro-alcoholic gel, which is often used in hand sanitizers, will only be available by prescription, according to a Ministerial Order.

The list includes masks of the type FFP2 and FFP3, hydro-alcoholic gels, protective aprons, protective goggles and masks, nitrile gloves of at least 300mm, hand alcohol, the antiseptic hydrogen peroxide (12%) and nebulizers (nocospray).

What’s also important to note is that of the newly infected lot, easily over a hundred reside in the regions of Flanders, Wallonia, while there are 45 instances in the capital city of Brussels.

On its part, the government hasn’t seemed out of sorts in its control of the situation and hasn’t gone down the panic way, truth be told.

A famous Europe-based publication noted the following insights:

It is once again important to underline that this number is an underestimation,” said professor Steven Van Gucht. “Only people with severe symptoms and health care workers are being tested.”

The country, it mustn’t be forgotten, did experience a shocker of sorts when in the course of a single day, there was a spike of 290 cases, with the total number of deaths between 22nd and 23rd of March, 2020 being 13.

But that told, Belgium has also duly noted some light amid the ensuing tensions and escalating global circumstances.

What’s important is to note the very fact that of all the cases and fatalities recorded in the country, as many as 350 patients have also been cured and discharged from the hospitals, from the onset of March 15.

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