The best University of Italy isn’t in Rome, Milan or Florence. But it happens to be the nation’s oldest! Can you guess?

It’s nestled in the heart of a thriving, bustling Emilia-Romagna region in a city that’s as much about cosmopolitan culture as it is about fashion, lifestyle, and education in Italy.

They say it’s powered on the energy and the vibe of its youth, that’s the heartline of a country often fighting

It houses the famous fountain of Neptune, a landmark site of Italy as also several hundreds of cathedrals, churches apart from being home to a fundamental temple of learning.

It’s neither based in Rome nor is it in Milan or Florence. It’s not always that Bologna makes the news or remains highlighted in the Italian media but a piece of news has much of the developed west staring in awe and admiration at the famous residence of Basilica di San Petronio.

The city of Bologna

It’s been named as the best university of Italy. And now, the University of Bologna, established way back in 1088 has an entire world talking about it in awe and admiration. And one asks, why not?

After all, the newly-ranked best university of Italy happens to be not only the oldest in the whole of Leonardo da Vinci-land but also the oldest in the whole of the western world. Let it be asked, just how many of us knew this one?

But more on the sensational new commemoration. What are the factors on account of which the University of Bologna has been heralded with the numero uno rank?

The annual Italian university rankings conducted by Censis shares that there were several factors on which the university of Bologna outscored the others:

  • Quality of Student Facilities
  • International Relations
  • Use of Scholarships
  • Digital Services
  • Future Employability of Graduates

This university leapt ahead of even several notable universities of Italy, such as – Padova, La Sapienza (in Rome), and Florence. A swanky campus proving to be an eye-popping melange of the traditional best that Italian architecture can offer coupled with the trappings of a data-driven IT world as found commonly around today forms the handy physical and intellectual foreground of the university of Bologna.

The study that was published on famous European website The Local also happened to share telling numbers pertaining to other universities and shared:

The study’s authors noted that the number of students enrolling at Italian universities continues to rise, with an increase of 1.3 percent recorded for the 2017-2018 academic year.

They reported that 47 percent of 19-year-olds in Italy are now choosing university education.

However, it noted regional differences with student numbers increasing by up to 4.1 percent in north-eastern regions, but falling in central (-1.2 percent) and southern (-0.1 percent) areas.

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