Well, if you happen to think about it, then it could be said that it’s one of the most action-packed cities in mankind’s modern history. It was once ravaged by the takeover of the Nazis, subjected to cataclysmic ‘carpet bombing’ during the end of the Second World War, and currently, it could be said, it is the leading political station in all of Europe, home to the continent’s strongest albeit growingly embattled economy.

No other city has been home to a wall that’s divided its people on the political front as ardently as this city. Yet, there’s always more to Berlin the home to the grandiose Brandenburg gate, than meets the eye.

Of all the things that are creating news at present, then Berlin’s transportation system is generating great buzz. And it can be said, it’s for a good reason.

Perhaps giving a lot of the world’s leading cities some food for thought, Berlin has made its public transportation absolutely free for the city’s children.

So whether one is riding the S-Bahn, the U-Bahn, the tram or bus, starting this coming Thursday, in the first week of August, Berlin’s transportation system will extend wide open arms to the city’s school children who will now have to pay nothing for using them.

And that’s not all. Any child anywhere in Berlin, above the age of six, can use Berlin’s transportation system for free, whether or not she or he is a schoolgoing kid.,

In addition, all Azubis or trainees as they are called in German will now be able to take all Berlin and Brandenburg transit for a really subsidised cost of €365 per year, starting from August 3.

But if you do the math, you’d realize how affordable has commutation within Berlin has become, the above boiling down to a rate as economical as €1 per day.

The above told, in reality, it’s not just Berlin that has taken a huge step toward making its transportation system free or significantly cheaper than before. Most surrounding cities of Berlin and other areas have been actively taking similar steps. It’s reported that several cities across Germany have taken the said step in order to ease up the held traffic, or as they say- decongest traffic snarls.

Starting April 2020, small German city Monheim will be offering free bus services, a boon for not only the locals but also the refugee population living in the city. When it comes to other cities in Germany, then a key city in the state of Baden-Wurtemberg, Tubingen, have already initiated relevant travel programs such as free bus ride on certain days of a week.

The end result will definitely lessen the vehicular traffic on the German roads, isn’t it? So why can’t the other leading cities of the world do their humble bit by taking a leaf from Berlin’s book?

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