If you happen to hear Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, you’d realise that the tune is a strangely captivating one. It might not be an instantly captivating melody; it would, nonetheless, pan out to be a kind of sound you simply cannot avoid and one that would immediately catch your attention soon as you enter a church or even think of something like a Basilica.

So it’s one of the most widely heard pieces of the classical compositions of Bach that perfectly captures the spirit of a country that’s unmistakably a giant, one without which you cannot imagine Europe for time immemorial.

Indeed, it won’t be wrong to call Germany a country that vivid, majestic, full of rush, and where progress outscores the chaos of the past. With its share of philosophers, scholars, musical composers, and even aeronautical and automotive engineers, Germany has had a lot to say where it comes to defining the intellectual and aesthetical sphere of the world!

Although, that may not essentially have been the reason for which the Angela Merkel-land has been chosen as the most admired country in the world according to Annual Gallup Survey!

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Of course, what constitutes Germany’s success as the world’s most admire country, when seen from the prism of the Annual Gallup Survey is the fact that several doubts- over the course of the last quarter- have been posed over America’s claim to lead the world effectively despite its rivalry with China.

In that regard, doubts over the foreign policy discourse of Mike Pompeo has enabled Germany to take flight in the books of the Annual Gallup Survey.

That being said, there were interesting observations marked by England’s eminent publication The Guardian that happened to say the following in regards to its findings on the world’s most admired country:

Germany is the most admired country in the world for the third year running, leaving the US in a tight battle for distant second place with China and Russia, according to a new global leadership poll.

The US had a 33% global approval rating for 2019, just one percentage point ahead of China and 3% ahead of Russia. Germany outshines all three by a long stretch, with a 44% rating. These were the only four countries respondents were asked about.

The survey of a thousand adults in each of 135 countries was carried out around the world in 2019, before coronavirus struck. Washington’s global standing could suffer even further in light of its mismanagement of the pandemic, which has left the US as one of the worst hotspots for the disease.

All of that told, moving away from the findings highlighted on The Guardian, it suffices to say- Angela Merkel has been hailed for being a distinguished leader, among the most noted and illustrious across Europe during such desperately troubled times like the ones we are in at present.

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Her leadership ‘approval’ has a thing or two to add in making Germany the table-topper of the aforementioned list. The other factors, one would concur, that have gone into highlighting Deutschland as a one-of-a-kind country could well be its economic resilience especially at a time where much of Europe is undergoing upheaval in times mired by the Corona epidemic-fuelled uncertainty. The Western European power continues to be a powerhouse along with France in times where economic growth is but a distant dream for so many nations.

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