It takes more than courage and a hell lot of a spine to sue Elon Musk. The news that Elon Musk has just been sued is a clamour for those who cannot think of him in any other light.

At the end of the day, there seems to be nothing even remotely common between a Thai cave, kids stuck in them and Elon Musk. Isn’t it? But wait till you know the entire picture well.

In what turned out to be amongst the biggest rescue operations (and also among the most closely-followed ever) launched in the modern history, 2018 witnessed a number of young Thai sportsmen, many of them budding professionals for bigger glories, trapped in a cave.

The 12 Thai teenagers also immediately sprung to the attention of the world thanks to what was initially believed to be a possible tragedy, given the tense circumstances the youngsters may have found themselves in. Only thing is, this would-be tragedy was averted when a bunch of daring rescue-workers and operatives dived inside the Thai cave and finally managed to get each of the 12 Thai boys alive.

This was an act of immense courage that was widely hailed and celebrated profoundly in Thailand, among the countries of the world that don’t keep emotions at bay, especially when they are in a positive light.

But what doesn’t seem to be in a positive light, however, is the immediate response that Tesla giant Elon Musk had in regards to one of the men who was part of the rescue team.

Elon Musk had alleged that British driver Unsworth had kept a child bride with him, a direct assault on human rights, and an international crime that can get one to be banished behind the bars. That the British diver Unsworth is- according to Elon Musk- a child ‘abuser’ has quickly spiralled everywhere international media has a presence.

Now, in a drastic turn of events, it appears that Mr Unsworth who has filed a defamation case against the force behind Tesla and Space X has sued Elon Musk.

Vernon Unsworth is, in fact, quite surprised that despite showing indomitable courage; being part of a big rescue operation, wherein he risked his own life to jump inside a Thai cave- that was already flooded- to save the boys this is how someone of the honour and stature of Elon Musk have mistreated him.

It’s rather fascinating to note the series of events that shall take place in the future. On the one hand is a salaried British diver confronting amongst the world’s biggest and most renowned tycoons and on the other, is this man, Elon Musk who has been sued.

In a lawsuit filed against Elon Musk for a sum of $75,000 dollars, Unsworth’s legal seeks compensation and injunction against Mr Elon Musk to stop further allegations. His conduct has been deemed ‘heinous’ in the legal notice that attempts to punish the currently sued Elon Musk.

But all that said, what appears to be rather surprising is that without there being any pieces of evidence, Musk decided to publically bash Mr Unsworth, often chiding him on social media handles such as Twitter where he went as far as suggesting that the British diver is a rapist! One wonders what lies ahead for the South African-born Tesla giant.

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