It’s the kind of a news that can, for the sheer absurdity of it, prompt people in the United Kingdom to utter- Oops-a-daisies- and if you’re in another part of the world, then simply- oh shit!

Are we in such serious times where peril nightmares are slated to be caused by something as seemingly harmless as a flea insect. Can you dig that?

We are in times that are constantly being straddled for environmental issues and constantly distorted balance in the ecology. News carries accounts of it every day. Forwarded messages on social media irk you constantly for attention. In knowing about the seriousness of the great imbalance between mankind and a diluted environment- you begin to panic.

It is now being believed that super fleas that will have giant penises are all set to invade homes in the United Kingdom. This directly puts, not only those at homes but also in offices under a lot fo It’s the kind of scenario that can for the sheer shock value attached to it cause headlines that bizarre news platforms will be too glad to carry- “Insect di*k now a cause of concern”.


Or, let’s say, something like, “flea genitalia to invade human lives in the UK”. How absurd does that sound? But according to news outlets in the west, this is no longer a mere hearsay or make-believe. It’s very much the truth of our times. On the normal side of things, fleas usually bite human beings around ankles and legs. This constantly stinging feeling is an irritant and if serious, can lead to misery if not treated properly.

But this invasion of fleas is no normal invasion in the UK. Apparently, billions of fleas are expected to be invading the UK and they will have stinging penises, which it is being feared the worst, is going to cause some upset. And what’s even weirder is that how the fleas actually survived the onslaught of winter. Particularly if one is to note the last winters in the UK- they survived- somehow- despite biting cold weather. The fleas, it is believed, lay low and were dormant during pinching winters.

Then suddenly, multiplied rapidly upon peak summers and therefore the time ahead is not the most promising one for the locals out there. So if you are wondering how come the fleas usually operate, then here’s some clue. They usually ride on home pets such as dogs and cats and therefore, come in close contact with the humans upon having made their temporary homes inside the burrow of carpets in residences.

Here’s the worst part of it all. The females can multiply rapidly, laying up to 50 eggs on a daily basis. Thriving in warm and humid climate, attacking the harmless in a no-holds-barred way, thriving in a warm and humid environment, what possibly can be done to avoid these irritating fleas, you got to ask?

So if the fleas do multiply so tremendously during the summer months, then what is to happen during the ongoing onslaught of Climate Change? Will things ever get to being better, one’s ought to ask?

But before that, the mainstream media have carried out some tips and advisories as to how can the flea-onslaught be contained. Apparently, the British press has, as of today, published a set of guidelines that can be adhered to, in order to stay protected from the fleas:

  • Wash pet bedding regularly at 60 degrees
  • Clean furniture to help destroy fleas at each stage of their life cycle
  • Vigorously hoover carpets, floorboards and skirting boards
  • Throw away the vacuum cleaner dust bag after each clean
  • Check their pet’s coat for fleas or flea droppings – brown or black spots
  • Regularly treat your pet with a flea treatment throughout the year
  • Treat your home annually with a household flea spray to prevent
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