A Horrific moment: Dad dunks child playfully into snow, but the kid vanishes 20-inch below

You probably know that story where the family comes together around for Christmas.

It gathers around the dinner table, there’s enough food for a few years to come, there are lovely hearts, great talks, all the laughter, and all step out into the snow for a quick play-time.

Isn’t that what happens with most of us? The snow brings out the snowman for sure but also the playful child, full of notoriety to play along. Age is no bar for this harmless sense of fun. The mum joins in the fun party which the dad loves to belong to. The sons and daughters cat along. There’s this fanfare of sorts- isn’t it?

There’s something about the snowtime and hence, winters. But no so much for this father and son duo, it appears, who, at the pretext of wanting to have some innocent playful time ended up in a splash of sweat.

Interestingly, this incident happened during the peak winters for Jamestown, New York’s father, Mr. Frisbee and his two-year-old son.

Out on a wonderful snow-packed day, this dad, true to his surname, if you think about it (Mr. Frisbee), decided to play up a bit with his son, whom he ended up throwing 20 inches down into the snow.

And to make matters worse, you read this right and are probably concerned as to what on earth happened there.

Daily Mail

So here’s what turned out.

Mr. Frisbee, clearly not aware of just how deep was the puddle of snow, realized his toddler son went approximately 20 inches absolutely vertical down the ground. This was absolutely uncalled for; an incident none saw coming, least of whom the little boy’s father.

And truth be told, is that all, you might be compelled to wonder?

The worst nightmare for any father anywhere would be to see his child disappear in front of his own eyes- isn’t that right? It’s needless to say that the same goes for mothers. Isn’t it?

Daily Mail

Mr. Adam Frisbee’s worst nightmare came true- when the child straight away went deep into the snowy ground- right in front of the American father’s eyes.

Completely unbeknownst to the daddy as the kid went down and for sure, it may not have been that difficult to understand just how horrific might his emotions have been at that point in time.

So here’s a simple example how so shocking this might have been particularly when one compares it to real-life scares.

We are shocked instantly at the simplest of erroneous occurrences, for instance, those vague moments when our smartphones drop down to the grounds or say where we suddenly remember that we’ve forgotten to wish our dearest friend on his birthday.

Now, having said that imagine the peril nightmare of this harmless dad when, at the back of just a little playtime with his son, Mr. Frisbee realized that the fun thingy went a little out of hand?

Thankfully, in due course of time, the child was rescued and no major damage was done. However, having said that, what seemed a bit uncanny and worrisome if that word could be used in the right spirit was the supposed humorous attempt the dad made at explaining the said incident through a post on Twitter.

Here’s what you might not exactly relish reading, particularly when you understand that the shocking incident might indeed have turned sour which, thankfully, wasn’t the case:

‘We call this the lake effect baptism.’

This was Mr. Frisbee’s Twitter reaction to entre incident. If that doesn’t sound a bit strange- agreed, nothing major happened and that the child was safe as it should’ve been the case- then one wonders what might ever sound strange: a dad digging a light-hearted strike at an incident he alone was responsible for?

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