Even at the outset, the common narrative about India may see it being described as a developing country, but a lot has and is constantly changing from within. Whether it’s industry, enterprise, technology or the sphere of entrepreneurship, India is constantly beating odds and amid a climate of constant political upheaval and a democracy that often takes its own sweet time to set the wheels of development in motion.

For the longest time now, China and India, that were perhaps in the spirit of competition at constant loggerheads with one another are coming together to define the Asian narrative. It’s a narrative that is often polarised, by constant geopolitical crises and situations and mesmerised by an economic growth story.

These two tiger economies of Asia, also among the dominant populations of the world have constantly produced a number of billionaires in the world. The name of China is synonymous with the growth and success of a certain Jack Ma. And it’s neighbouring India has catapulted to the attention of the world, for the longest time, thanks to the economic might and wealth possession of numerous illustrious names such as the Ambani family, stalwarts like Azim Premji, Pallonji Mistry, Kumar Mangalam Birla, the Godrej family and many others.

While China is expected to add around 448 billionaires around 2027, at around the same time, India is all set to reach the mark of 238 new billionaires.

But that said, what’s the narrative of the rest of the world when it comes to billionaires? Other than India and China, which are the countries in whose powerful possession rests the endeavour to fuel growth and contribute to a global, expansive list of billionaires?

United States

Still, the Numero Uno economy of the world, the United States, which is the world’s strongest economic power will add around 147 billionaires, taking it’s overall tally to massive 884 by the time 2027 arrives. China, however, is still expected to reach in closer proximity to the United States at this time.


An oil-rich, self-reliant powerful economic power, call it’s a supremo or Putin-land or what you may, but by the time Russia approaches 2027, Russia is all set to add around 63 more billionaires to its existing lot. This will take the overall figure to 142. Even as back in 2016-17, Russia witnessed a stagnant stock-market, it’s finding new ways and battling constantly to emerge clear of the restrictions imposed thanks to sanctions, most noticeably from the end of the United States.


For the longest time, Australia, a mineral-rich and mining-heavy economy has been considered among the vibrant economies of the world. By 2027, Australia will add another 25 billionaires to its existing list which will increase the overall tally to around 61. But what’s the real essence of Australia’s economic strength? For starters, the credit should deservingly go to admiring the fact that a country with a population of only 22 million is among the wealthiest nations in the world.

Hong Kong

With all due respect and in all sincerity, Hong Kong is akin to being the Singapore of the People’s Republic of China. An important economic centre of South East Asia, growth is so incessant a story of this region that there could be no sunshine on a day in Hong Kong but it can’t be that there’s no growth in here. Hong Kong will add around 22 more billionaires around 2027 and the total wealth in the city actually amounts to a whopping $1.3 trillion. There’s little wonder why it is called the gateway between Europe and Asia.


An alluring enigma of the world and among the richest albeit most docile countries that don’t really believe in a garrulous display of wealth, Canada is a strong economic power without a doubt. By the year 2027, there’s expected to be as many as 57 billionaires in China. Canada’s success story has to be credited because of the fact that despite having the lowest population density among developed countries, it has put no full stops on its economic power.

South Korea

In happier times than perhaps it had ever been in, with the biggest existential threat of being nuked out by an unruly neighbour from the Korean Peninsula negated completely, South Korea should arguably focus more on the economic spectrum. By 2027, the country is expected to add at least 13 billionaires to its list. And here’s the most fascinating point about South Korea in all. The Republic of Korea is one of the fastest growing wealth markets with 15% growth registered in 2016-17.

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