Do you plan to spend the New Year’s Eve at home or somewhere Awesome? If it is the latter, then pack your bags and fly to Dubai. Dubai will deliver the most spectacular and biggest New Year Eve’s fireworks in the world. New Year’s Eve in Dubai is an absolute highlight that is beyond expectation. We bring you all the information about how to spend the New Year’s Eve in Dubai.

New Year’s Eve’s fireworks in Dubai

New year eve in dubai

The absolute best spot on New Year’s Eve in Dubai is the Burj Khalifa. Since Dubai is a land of superlatives, you can admire one of the world’s tallest buildings, one of the most spectacular and largest fireworks in the world.
People from all over the world come to this unique spectacle every year. In addition to the gigantic firework show, a colorful water show awaits you at the splendid water fountains of Dubai.

These are accompanied by a musical performance. The best views of New Year Eve’s fireworks in Dubai are at the Dubai Mall , on the terraces at the bottom of the Burj Khalifa or the surrounding luxury hotels.

Other restaurants or bars with a rooftop terrace, offering breathtaking views of the New Year’s fireworks, include Level 43 Sky Lounge, Iris Dubai and the Uptown Bar.

New Year Eve’s party in Dubai

New year party in dubai
Time Out Dubai

Normally, Dubai does not officially celebrates New Year’s Eve on December 31st, but due to the large numbers of tourists, the luxurious desert town has adapted and now hosts a major annual spectacle.

However, it is noteworthy that people are not allowed to drink alcohol in public places in Dubai. That’s why, on New Year’s Eve in Dubai, the best place to go to is rooftop hotels, rooftop bars or clubs.

From there, you can usually watch the New Year Eve’s fireworks in Dubai and you will have a great time with live music and top DJs.

The best New Year Eve’s parties in Dubai 2020

  • Under the Stars at Zabeel Park from 19:30
  • Elrow at Soho Beach from 9pm
  • NYE Dixon at Soho Garden from 9pm
  • The Roaring 20’s Gala in the Atlantis from 7 pm
  • NYE party with Ne-Yo on White Beach from 9pm

What can you do on New Year’s Eve in Dubai?

Dinner Cruise Tour on New Year’s Eve in Dubai

Dinner cruise tour on new year eve in dubai
Arooha Tours

Another possibility for your New Year’s Eve in Dubai would be a dinner cruise tour. Board a cruise on Dubai Marina or Dubai Creek and enjoy beautiful views combined with delicious food.

Gala evening at Atlantis the Palm Hotel

Gala evening on new year in dubai
The storypedia

If you like luxury, you can go to the exclusive gala evening at Atlantis the Palm Hotel on New Year’s Eve in Dubai . There you will be served a New Year Eve’s dinner as well as a wide range of entertainment with live music, dance and art.

New Year’s desert safari

New Year's desert safari in dubai
Sabsan Holidays

For those who like something a little bit out of the ordinary, a desert safari on New Year’s Eve in Dubai is just right for you. Visit the Arabian Desert and look forward to a traditional barbeque and let the locals take you into the world of Arabian Nights. This usually includes a belly dance show, shisha smoking and henna painting.

New Year’s Eve’s traditions in Dubai

New Year's Eve's gift traditions in Dubai

In the Arab Emirates, as well as in Dubai, New Year’s Eve will not be officially celebrated on 31st . Because they are based on the Islamic lunar calendar, according to which the year is about 11 days shorter than the Gregorian calendar. The exact day changes annually. The new day also starts with the sunset.

That’s why Muslims also celebrate the New Year for two days. But instead of alcohol and rockets, the year is greeted with a feast and wind instruments.

The feast, according to New Year Eve’s tradition, consists of seven parts each of symbolic importance for health, happiness, well-being and fertility. These include sweet pastries, a coin, whitebeams, green wheat shoots, an apple, vinegar and garlic.

Your New Year’s Eve’s trip to Dubai

Your New Year Eve’s trip to Dubai will be an unforgettable experience. Book your holiday trip as fast as possible and don’t miss out on the Best of Dubai either on New Year’s Eve or after.

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