We all crave for some kind of life advice to save us from the struggles of life, or to at least be less affected by them. And, in the quest to get that advice we have talked to each and every person who we remotely consider to have their life together. In the end, all we get is everyone is miserable in their life, to some extent, it’s just that some people hide it better than others do.

As for the advices, the most miserable lives narrate the best advices for the world. And, the same is happening on Twitter for few days.

Netizens are now trying their best to give some solid advice and future presumptions regarding the magical age of 35 and what one should and should not have or do. More than anything really, it’s telling people some really great and interesting things to keep with themselves once they turn 35 and just like everything else in this world, people have also started creating jokes out of it they are hilarious nonetheless. This trend (almost meme) is going huge on Twitter and you need to check it now.

So, what are you planning to have or achieve by the age of 35?

Jyotsna Amla

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