The world will be a far better place if we were all equal and had equal access to everything we needed to survive and progress. Things would’ve been different if we were all privileged. Isn’ it? The cars would’ve been in possession of those who were only walkers. The poor could send their kids to expensive schools and together with the rich and the famous along with those from not so sound backgrounds would have dined in the same restaurants, drinking the same liquors. In such an ideal scenario, there wouldn’t have been a beggar.

There’s wouldn’t have been clear disparities between the rich and the poor. But this is a dream scenario, it doesn’t happen in real life, does it? Of course, some of it does- as opposed to what you may think. Surprised? We are too. Who wouldn’t be, when something on the lines of the above transpired for real in Pakistan.

Apparently, a beggar was actually found in a flight from Karachi on its way to Bangkok, in Thailand. Who this beggar was and where he came from wasn’t known. But what’s known is that the appearance of a man on a fully-packed flight where none would’ve expected him caused a bit of a consternation.

And is it any worth in saying the usual- media havoc, too? This entire episode made for both a confusing as well as a funny scenario. According to the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority- the beggar was not a Pakistani. This may sound like a mothball of humour and joke. If the beggar aboard the Bangkok-bound flight was not a Pakistani, then who was he and how did he come on to the plane? Since when have aliens begun to receive passports and if they’re travelling for a work-assignment- who’s hired them for duties in Thailand.

Confusions ran amock, as did perplexity surrounding the true identity of the beggar and as to how he may have found a way onto what was, clearly a busy flight. Interestingly, while at the same time the Pakistan Civil Aviation Ministry has refuted the claims regarding the nationality of the beggar, those who were in the flight and others refuse to believe the agency.

For some reason, a local news channel, based in Pakistan, went on to report that the beggar was, in fact, an Iranian national. Well, on that ground- it must be said that Iran’s a truly progressive nation whose civilians find the luxury to travel by air whilst they are beggars for real. Of course, this claim too fell on deaf ears.


Here’s the funniest part regarding the inexplicable saga mid-air. Up until now, it is not even clear if the beggar was asked to leave the flight. Did he actually manage to reach Bangkok? Conspiracy theorists who cannot be blamed for the sheer emptiness of their lives may even want to suggest that it may have actually been an ISI agent who was on to carry some secret operation in Bangkok and, hence the shabby attire. But what’s known is that, despite several rounds of questioning by the air hostesses, the beggar in this flight continued to stand decently in line, as if waiting in full dignity to occupy his seat.

In fact, could it simply have been that the poor man, an extremely simple individual who came from a mediocre or listless economic background had been gifted the air ticket to travel to Bangkok? Did he have any relatives- as in many cases, for exploring greener pastures, many sons and daughters leave developing countries to travel elsewhere- who may have sent him a ticket?

In the video, it can be clearly seen that the captain of the flight who’s there to have a word, but to no avail is approaching the beggar; the old man simply stands there murmuring something.

The mind may run abuzz with several questions and possibilities, but it has to be said, this incident was truly as bizarre as it humorous in the construct.

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