It’s a country that has unquestionably faced a tough time in the sphere of environment redolent of instances you’d only expect straight out of a Doomsday novel. Forests burning, animals dying, humans panicking and yet, the nation ferried together to stand united to fight among the greatest travesty it’d come to face in recent times, speaking of the environmental carnage. The bushfires were a truly heart-gutting episode in the country’s modern history. And now, amid a strange spectacle with there being lots of concern regarding the availability of toilet paper, Australia is readying itself to tackle yet another concern, one that’s already engulfed parts of the wider world: the Coronavirus scare.

If in case you were wondering about Australia’s plans to tackle Coronavirus, then you needn’t focus anywhere else or beyond one key highlight.

The very fact that central to Australia’s plans to tackle Coronavirus is a whopping $2.4 billion dollar health package. This, believe it or not, includes pop-up fever clinics.

At a time where most countries are still panicking and losing hair in a bid to find out the right measures to tackle yet another unwanted dominant discourse of our times, Australia, it helps to know, is swiftly on its way to fighting the great macabre evil.

Here’s what The Guardian had to report on the situation:

“The health response, to be unveiled by the Morrison government on Wednesday, comes as the country reported the 100th confirmed case (Coronavirus) amid a situation where doctors were found criticizing the confusing processes that had seen patients queuing for hours at public hospitals to access a test for the Covid-19 virus.

The government is also finalizing a “substantial” multifaceted economic stimulus package, expected to be detailed on Thursday, aimed at averting a widely tipped recession that could end Australia’s 29-year record of uninterrupted economic growth.”

The lion’s share of the country’s health package to tackle Coronavirus will be directed toward installing $205 million toward as many as 100 pop-up fever clinics. The same will be located in different areas of need. The aim here would be to see up to 75 patients a day for a period of the next 6 months. These, needless to say, would be staffed by GPs and Nurses who’ll attend to patients whenever needed.

That being said, while the government has indicated that the current situation might birth a sort of pandemic, given how the general public is reacting, the key efforts will be to slow the spread of the virus whilst also allowing the health system to cope up with what could be an unexpected rise in demands (in the imminent future).

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