There may have been several assurances of peace being in the Korean peninsula- finally a hope against hope- but it seems, there’s no dearth in assurances of peace at Korean workplaces.

It’s not even a promise, it’s an existential reality. Peace and lack of stress at official duties and jobs and workplaces- that is what contemporary Korea is working toward.

Want to know why?

Well, it appears, at least, at this point in time, that there could be fewer places on earth to that promise such a nice working atmosphere other than South Korea. It’s that chill a place.

Believe it or not, the government and law-makers in Korea recently decided that they are going to consider a 52-hour work in a week policy. And that said, the same could be expected to be implemented anytime soon.

So here it is then. Imagine this. A total number of hours spent in a week at one’s work-place being no more than 52? Usually, on most working days, you are liable or likely to spend anywhere between 9-11 hours, considering there are the burden and some tediousness up ahead.

All of this- has no place in South Korea- whatsoever. All one’s going to be working for is just 53-hours in a week.

The new rule, apparently, has been ideated and conceived primarily with the idea to introduce great work-life balance. Very often, it’s been noted- particularly in this part of the 21st century- that one’s only tardily occupied with work.

Hands buried in the head, fretting over a work-related E-mail, concerned about the lack of response to the project delivered on the right time, no feedback on the new marketing collateral and, hardly any assurance by the H.R. dept. regarding your next, impending appraisal- isn’t work-life mostly always and always about stress.

Well, it seems, that Korea is of the view (and boy, does it feel right) that there is life beyond work and pressures or rigours of stress. Hence, the concept of 53-hour work (in a week) is apparently in the process of being introduced.

This is no ordinary change. This is, for one, a mighty change, something new on the cards; something hitherto unexpected or less-seen. What was earlier a common practice in South Korea was the usual 68-hour working week. You read that right.

No-one in designated jobs was supposed to work any less than 68 hours per week- time and again, all the time. Darn strict of you South Korea. Thankfully, there is a reason for the tense nerves to be a little less-tense now. The new verdict has been met with a grin. From 68 hours a week to work for no more than just 53 hours- the times in South Korea- they are a changin!

Think of it, even as it sounds rather abrupt. What might have a Bob Dyland done had he been exposed to the new change in the thinking of the Korean republic? Another version of The Times They’re a Changin- would’ve been recomposed.

What’s your impression?

The change in the working hours (or durations) has primarily been introduced to eschew the aspect of stress or pressure from one’s life. What a brilliant conception- isn’t it?

In case you were wondering as to just how hard-working are the nations in the Asian continent, then here’s a grizzly-proof.

According to the data gathered by the revered OECD- Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development- then back in 2017- workers in the East-Asian countries put together a whopping 2024 hours of work collectively. That’s a lot of hours spent working.

So this effectively means, a lot of time spent away from the comfort of being amid one’s own people; the intimate set of friends, well-wishers, cousins or family. A tough ask for anyone, isn’t it?

Maybe, the new ruling, that believably, has already been put into place- things will change completely and for the better for those in South Korea.


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