It’s no surprise to note that among all the breaking news developments covered and broadcasted around the world, those pertaining to the COVID 19 pandemic still get the most hits.

Funny thing being, it’s a global killer that’s served a horrible hit, and to just about every country on the face of the earth. It’s been around a year that the world got the taste of the fierce killer that has had ramifications for just about everybody. Among the countries in Asia that evidenced tight restrictions and is still trying to battle it out in the face of the global Coronavirus pandemic is Singapore. And now a Singapore minister has some rather unattractive observations to make regarding COVID 19.

Rather, make those uncomfortable observations, one that would only raise more concerns regarding the COVID 19 pandemic. So the question is- just what did the Singapore minister say about the situation that seems to have raised concerns, if one reads that correctly?

A sort of troubling assessment has come from none other than the education minister of the popular South Asian nation, Mr. Lawrence Wong.

According to this Singapore Minister, 48, and belonging to the People’s Action Party, there are still some uncertainties involved with the malaise that could see it continue over the next few years.

So does he actually mean that the COVID 19 pandemic will not stop anytime soon and could well go on for a few more years to come? How does this even work and what to make of it?

Truth be told, the Singapore Minister, whose media bytes were captured recently is of the firm view that the world hasn’t yet reached the finale of the Coronavirus pandemic, as a result of which the threat still continues unbound and unsullied regardless of what one is evidencing at this time.

People Walking on streets of Singapore | Singapore Minister on COVID 19
Image Source: India TV News

In what can only be called worrying assessments, the Singapore minister was captured sharing his insights at an event titled 2021 Singapore Perspectives 2021 (a conference hosted by Singapore Institute of Policy Studies).

So even as the future is still at some distance before it could be ‘reset,’ what were the actual thoughts, let’s find out?

At some point of time the pandemic will pass, but it may take four to five years before we finally see the end of the pandemic and the start of a post-Covid normal. What will this new post-Covid world look like? No one can tell.”

That being said, the Singapore Minister was also of the view that as far as taking precautions were concerned, it were of utmost importance as is the current need to avoid large swathes of crowd.

But he was also of the view that the availability of the vaccine -something the world is currently evidencing- could still go a long distance toward making things safe where overseas travel is concerned.

He would further add, “Beyond that, the availability of COVID-19 vaccinations will progressively restart global travel, but getting the world vaccinated won’t be quick or easy.”

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That being said, where the question of the vaccine goes, then as of December 2020, the Pizer BioNTech had been given a green signal for the usage and where the vaccination goes- the government had planned for everyone to be vaccinated by the third quarter of this year.

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