Diabetes. That’s the one lifestyle disease all are complaining about and few are actually successful in avoiding or defeating. In an age where leading a sedentary lifestyle is about as common as a sneeze, there’s been a rise in lifestyle-oriented diseases.

Steps To Reduce Diabetes

Call it general ignorance or laziness, taking diabetes lightly hasn’t really been the kind of excuse someone would’ve wanted to get away with!

And the same has gone on to afflict even the Asian countries, the continent usually associated with fitter, healthier individuals particularly when compared to far-reaching parts of the globe such as the United States. But of late, even Singapore has been fretting in tackling the growing diabetes malaise. Yet, there’s been no dearth in Singapore’s efforts to curb diabetes.

So let’s find out, just have been the kind of efforts that Singapore has put forth in the recent times to appraise its citizens of the deadly impact of the growing malady of the 21st century:

For starters, it’s worthwhile to note that Singapore’s efforts to curb diabetes have directly targeted the psyche of its citizens. But just how?

Well, the Health Ministry of the country has taken a decision to ban all the advertisements that pertain to fizzy drinks and juices. But if you thought this was about it, then think again.

In addition to banning any kinds of marketing communications related to fizzy, sugary and juice drinks, Singapore has also made it compulsory for the drinks to carry “health warnings” on them through labels.

But all of that said, one may wonder about the rising spate of Singapore’s efforts to curb diabetes, right? After all, just what could be the reason behind the growing active measures being taken by an industrious economy to curb the disease.

For those who may be unaware, Singapore happens to be the country with some of the world’s highest diabetes rates. One wonders, just how many of us were prepared to be taken by sheer surprise?

The Economic Times of India published more details on the developing story and shared:

Singapore’s action appears to go further than measures in other countries such as Mexico and Britain, which restrict when advertisements for high-calorie food and drinks can be shown on television to limit their exposure to children.

Singapore Steps To Curb Diabetes
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“We will introduce an advertising prohibition of product advertisements for the least healthy SSBs on all local mass media platforms, including broadcast, print, out-of-home and online channels,” the health ministry said in a statement, referring to sugary, sweetened beverages.

Singapore is also considering taxes on sugary drink makers and importers, and even a total ban on the sale of some beverages, the ministry said.

But that said, from a marketing and business perspective, it appears that not many brands would welcome the step initiated by the Singapore government, right?

Wrong! Guess what, established and billion-dollar worth brands such as Coca Cola have welcomed the Singapore Health Ministry’s suggestion and stated that they are happy to work with the government in reducing the sugar levels in its drinks sold in Singapore.

On that count, it’s important to note that Mr. Ahmed Yehia, Country Manager for Singapore and Malaysia (Coca Cola) shared:

“We will continue to rethink many of our recipes in Singapore to reduce sugar, because while sugar in moderation is fine, we agree that too much of it is not good for anyone,” said Ahmed Yehia, country manager for Coca-Cola Singapore and Malaysia.

Furthermore, it’s is worth noting that the Singapore Health Ministry also stated that before it executes its direction, it would want to consult the consumers, drink makers as well as the advertising industry in the course of the coming months without stating a final timeline for the execution of its delivery.

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