The country has already seen the fourth stage of the nation-wide lockdown. The previous three stages have already caused what can only be called cataclysmic damage. There’s been damage and a sense of irreparable loss caused down to the deaths and also the hit the economy has taken.

So if you end up hearing anywhere that all is fine with the national economy and that nothing’s wrong, then you probably know that someone is kidding. And that, there’s something seriously amiss in the country.

That being said, at a time where the country is once again experiencing a serious suspension of all forms of public life with red zones and stoppages being the common highlights in newspapers and media reports, there comes a piece of news that can never inspire any positivity.

So what’s happened in India after all?

Apparently, there seems to be a rise in the new Coronavirus cases in India. And where it stands at present, then it’s established that only 5 new districts have led to a staggering 55 percent rise in the new cases in India.

Now mathematically, this does point to a serious cause of concern when 5 districts or major new centres lead to a rise of as much as 55 percent of a medical anomaly. Isn’t it?

Wonder what lies in the days ahead. Because where it stands at the moment, then people are only anticipating better and brighter times. But will that actually happen for real- we don’t know as of yet!

That being said, here is what major news publications such as Live Mint are stating on the disappointing developing story:

The number of reported coronavirus cases in India rose 11 percent over the past two days to 125,101, data from the morning update of the ministry of health and family welfare (MoHFW) showed. This is in line with the rate of growth in the previous 48 hours, when the reported case count rose to 112,359 on Thursday.

So far this week, the number of cases has gone up by 30 percent (between Monday morning and Saturday morning). This is also in line with the rate of growth when compared to the previous five days.

Furthermore, it is expected that paying adherence to the required social norms of engaging with the others is going to carry on without much change. The moment you venture out, you cannot do so in the absence of wearing a face mask.

Additionally, those commuting by a two-wheeler across anywhere in the country cannot do so with having a pillion-rider accompanying an individual. The same way, the lesser commuters in a car the better, truth be told.

Carrying forward the safe mantra of maintaining a 1-meter distance from the others is still very much a key area of maintaining social distancing. We cannot afford to lower our standards of awareness.

That being said, when is a city expected to open up and resume normal course of operations. In fact, can normality be expected again anytime soon?

The only thing that’s known as of now, is for one and all to be vigilant and take as much precaution as possible during this tough phase.

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