Depending on who you are, the list of the world’s most expensive cities can only be perceived in three ways, not more. First could be the reaction that notes heart-cringing and wide-eyed smiles that capture the elan that only the rich or the elite can offer. After all, who else could possibly afford to reside in such salubrious cities, after all? The second could be the reaction of teardrops accompanied by a bit of heartache or let’s just simply say- day-dreaming. How can those from marginalized economic backgrounds even think of being in, let alone visiting the world’s most expensive cities?

The third reaction, truth be told, can stem from a sense of indifference: who cares about the world’s most expensive cities? There are far better places to be at and much better things to do anyway! That said, a piece of news that’s trending currently can elicit a response from those who belong to the first two clubs.

The fact that Japan’s very own Osaka has recently overtaken Paris as one of the most expensive cities in the world is making the news. Yes, interestingly so, these being Cornavirus times!!

How else can one possibly put it, keeping in mind the dominant discourse of our age in 2020?

So as Osaka overtakes Paris and generates news for being one among the world’s most expensive cities, a worthy question surfaces.

Is this a bit of a surprise, especially to those, who, it could be said, in front of the massive fanfare associated with Paris may not have thought much about the Eastern city?

In other words, what have we all been missing out on for all these years? Surely, there’s got to be lots in Osaka that it overtook no ordinary city but the world’s hub of love as it’s often called; a city where the magnificent beauty of the Sienne is just one of the many countlessly captivating scenes?

When it comes to hotels and accommodations that cannot possibly be described by another phrase in the English language other than exorbitant; places that would burn a giant hole in one’s wallet, the mishmash of exciting Japanese cuisine served alongside world cuisine and the rental charges that spike northward all the time, Osaka has got pretty much everything going for it to make the news.

A unique bouquet of powerful brands, and therefore, corporates, sprawling shopping expenses and a city that’s really a hub of bustling real estate development- Osaka offers an eye-popping journey to anyone who’s fascinated with exploring the Asian wonderland from a prism that goes beyond Tokyo.

Perhaps the traditionalist who’s ever been captivated with Tokyo- the answer to Australia’s Sydney, or let’s say China’s Shanghai- may now truly wish to further his traveller graph and accommodate space for a city that’s as lively as it is thriving with big expenses.

In fact, Osaka, Hong Kong, and Singapore are the cities that have been named for possessing excessively high costs of living, according to a report published by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

In fact, Paris, it appears, has now been replaced by New York, that’s climbed three places higher up (when compared to 2019) in the world’s most expensive cities list.

So when are you planning to step on the flight to visit Japan’s second-largest city? Goes without saying maybe now’s not the best time after all.

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