We are treated normally when we are alive. It is only when we are dead that the legend ‘supposedly’ rises and our value, all of a sudden, mushrooms as if there was something brilliantly different about us.

Ever thought about that?

And at times, it does seem that for no particular reason at all, we appear hell-bent on ‘killing’ someone, or simply, denying the existence of a particular individual, if it can be put that way.

There appear thousands of theories that sort of circumnavigate an idea or theory that often feeds off from public curiosity. In the yesteryears, it was whether “Jim Morrison had faked his own death!”

Whether there were actually any gas chambers in the concentration camps, at all? Then in 2009, the latest theory that emerged seemingly out of nowhere was whether, “Michael Jackson is still alive!?”

Now, truth be told, there really doesn’t seem to be much sense or meaning behind theories that defy any rational or logic. It can just be that someone floats them around wanting for people to believe them.

But when a similar issue develops on the lines of geopolitics and international affairs then one does have a sizeable reason to scratch the head in a state of utter disbelief.

For the longest time now, world’s media has made something of a phantom out of North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.

It just appears that there’s something either so absolutely essential about the man or something pointing to a legend of sorts that so much of importance is attributed to Kim Jong-un.

At the periphery, here is a man who is about as tiny as the size or length of his own name. But think of it, especially from the angle or viewpoint of America and you might say, that there’s a catch.

That this, after all, is the very man that is sworn to destruct America! Yes, America, of all coutries.

Now absurd that it may sound, but it does appear that there just doesn’t seem to be any end to the famous Kim Jong-un theories after all. And how can that ever be, when Trump has made so many claims, as has his government about the dubious North Korean dictator.

While it’s absolutely absurd that a gigantic economic and military power of the size and repute of the United States has to worry about a tiny speck of inhuman existence here upon the earth (North Korea), truth still is that we’ve made Kim Jong-un a bit of a pantomime evil; one that perhaps shouldn’t have been given all that importance!

So much so that recently all leading world media platforms began worrying about the sudden disappearance of the Kim Jong-un, going as far as suggesting that the current dismay caused due to the COVID-19 pandemic consumed the infamous North Korean dicator, someone reviled for resorting to brutality in his regime.

And then suddenly, even before many could’ve noted this, the news that pointed to ‘what-might-have-happened’ to Kim Jong-un seemingly began asserting that he may well be dead.

And what do we have now?

Well, guess!

Kim Jong-un is back and is alive and kicking, unfortunately. So bad for the rumour-mongers, no?

So what was Kim Jong-un doing in North Korea and what was his latest public appearance all about?

This is what a famous international publication that covers North Korean news updates in detail had to say:

KCNA news agency reports that the North Korean leader cut the ribbon at the opening of a fertiliser factory.

It adds that people at the factory “broke into thunderous cheers of hurrah” when he appeared on Friday.

The reported appearance – his first since an event on state media on 12 April – comes amid global speculation over his health.

The latest reports from North Korean media could not be independently confirmed.

State media later released images that it said showed Mr Kim cutting a ribbon outside a factory.

Asked about Mr Kim’s reported reappearance, US President Donald Trump told reporters that he didn’t want to comment yet.

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