He might have reached the ripe middle-age of 65 and maybe sporting on a few rare occasions, tired eyes. But there’s no doubting the passion and enthusiasm to serve a country all widely regard as being the ‘Land of The Rising Sun!’

Shinzo Abe, a man respected for his political morals, for possessing an upright democratic set of values and mindset, and above anything else, for representing congenial values from the very highest echelons of Japanese politics has come to set a new world record, truth be told.

So why is the world roaring in appreciation of the man today, one who’s consistently overseen Japan over the past so many years in a bid to realign its ties with China (considered a vehement opponent of sorts), further its prominent relationship with the US, in an age where the world has come to witness international politics being led by a culture of autocracy increasingly in times where democratic values, one feels, are being cornered?

Apparently, the Tokyo-born Shinzo Abe has become Japan’s longest-serving Prime Minister as on date.

In fact, in becoming Japan’s longest-serving Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe has completed an overall term of 2,887 days in the office, leading the country from the very highest column of political leadership.

Wednesday, 20 November 2019 marks the 2,887th day for Japan’s longest-serving Prime Minister in the office.

But it’s important to understand that having served Japan honestly and conscientiously over the past so many years, what have been the key attributes that define Abe’s popularity?

To that end, it is important to note that generally, Japan’s longest-serving Prime Minister has won relatively high marks for his diplomacy. A great contributor to his growing success and rise to acclaim as a premier personality in the framework of Japanese politics have been the consistently well-maintained warm ties with his opposite number in the United States, an effort that has averted any chances of occurrences of trade feuds between the two nations, that one mustn’t forget were at war, seven decades back in time!

In fact, a close ally of Mr. Shinzo Abe from the Liberal Democratic party is of the view that at the present moment, there’s no other global leader who happens to have maintained such warm ties with Trump; someone who goes along well and cordially with the American President.

Under Shinzo Abe’s watch, Japan’s co-operation and partnership with India on the aspect of infrastructural development have reached new heights. Japan is considered the number one ally of India where it comes to growing domestic infrastructure and implementing foreign investment in the said sphere.

Although, there are areas of improvement in diplomatic accords with other nations that Abe would want an immediate revival of, such as the frigid ties with South Korea. The two nations’ standoff concerning a bitter wartime legacy is still to see better days and new dawn marked by revival.

His biggest successes, it must be said, could be traced with how successfully Japan has gone onto harbor a culture of developing a strong military, in times easily fraught and endangered by geopolitical tensions and crises.

But it must be said that Abe still has a major task cut out; working toward forging a culture of economic reforms in Japan, especially in times where global recession seems just around the corner. Only then will one consider that “Abenomics” is succeeding.

Moreover, another area that demands an immediate course of action from the Prime Minister is to successfully oversee a larger representation of women in senior public and private roles.

What’s interesting is to note that where the latest numbers and analysis stand then, Shinzo Abe is likely to continue his reign as Japan’s longest-serving Prime Minister even further as the charge and standing of his Liberal Democratic Party is nearly unassailable, and he could well be int he driving seat at least until September 2021.

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