To be frank, there’s something serious about China in this part of the world that there isn’t in any other part of the world. It’s not for nothing that China is among the strongest and most revered economies of the world. There’s something about its deep manufacturing power.

And that’s not the only thing about the oriental land that attracts one just as much as it charms an observer.

China’s commitment to provide clean air, develop infrastructure, and boost its military spending is worth talking about. For a nation that is often subjected to much ridicule and constant judgment in terms of its capability to ‘replicate’ brands, regardless of a particular genre or location of origin, one’s got to appreciate China’s ability to keep coming in hard at the USA or other developed nations.

If there’s something China hasn’t really been celebrated enough about then probably it is its sprawling infrastructure. And that is precisely where one is paying the attention to where it comes to China in 2018.

Having triggered your curiosity- if at all- by saying that, do you know what is it about China in 2018 that is making the right kind of news?

So here is what you ought to know.

China actually built more skyscrapers in 2018 than any other country on the face of the Planet Earth. Surprising that it may sound, this is, well the truth.

The above startling (or should we say, highly impressive) achievement was highlighted by none other than the Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. Usually, this international body goes by the tiny acronym of CTBUH.

Particularly where the last decade stands in measuring a country’s propensity to make skyscrapers is concerned, then it has been seen that there’s been an overall surge in the frequency of making skyscrapers.

And here’s the key highlight of his globally-evident drive.

It appears that China has been the key force or power that has driven this internationally evident trend. Now, if that doesn’t give an idea about the Asian powerhouse’ ability to construct massive infrastructure and skyscrapers then what will and what might, one is compelled to ask?

CNN, elaborating with much profound clarity into the aforementioned matter pertaining to China in 2018 shared the following and this is probably something that might even signal a warning to China’s critics who often happen to subdue the bustling economy’s progress in front of its communist ideals:

CNN wrote the following on its website, “Globally, the number of new 200-meter-plus buildings fell slightly to 143 this year (four fewer than 2017’s all-time record of 147), but it is still the second-highest figure in history, according to CTBUH’s annual report.
Much of this growth has been driven by China. The country accounted for 61.5% of new buildings recorded in the CTBUH’s 2018 figures. Of those, 14 were built in the southern city of Shenzhen, which topped the city rankings for the third consecutive year ahead of Dubai, Beijing, New York and the northern Chinese city of Shenyang.”
So, whenever someone will wish to revisit all that China did in 2018 then ignoring its mastery at making great skyscrapers will probably be the harshest thing to do! To top it all, China has been home to the tallest building made in the entirety of 2018, this is, Beijing’s Citic Tower.
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