Coronavirus in Pakistan is not just a lame term. Even as the country’s honorable Prime Minister has directed perhaps some criticism and some relief too (from the perspective of the laborers and wage earners) that the country cannot afford to go into lockdown, the epidemic is, guess what, cause of concern just like it would trouble other nations.

But in the wake of the outbreak of Coronavirus in Pakistan, what’s actually making news isn’t the number of fatalities that have occurred. Thankfully, those haven’t been a cause of concern for the country, a bit like its neighbor, India.

Rather, it’s a recent episode of a selfie that has caused the issue of Coronavirus in Pakistan to spring to the attention of newsmakers and the general public.

So weird that it sounds, how on earth did a selfie create to some news surrounding Coronavirus in Pakistan; what on earth happened involving a seemingly harmless act like clicking one’s own picture?

Here’s what you got to know.

At the moment, there’s this particular selfie that is being circulated and has, as expected, made a lot of news in social circles involving a patient suffering from Coronavirus in Pakistan.

Now sadly speaking, what one can see without much trouble is a group of men who are seen flocking around the very person who is currently undergoing treatment for Coronavirus in Pakistan.

And that’s precisely where it strikes you; how silly is that? Here is someone who’s suffering from Coronavirus, it’s a massive epidemic out there. And then there are these people who are flocking for a picture, a selfie on top of that?

Can things get sillier? Or can they become even more stupid if they weren’t already? But then you are struck by something, a revelation of sorts. What if you were told that the very core of these happy go lucky posers are actually not ordinary people, rather they happen to be civil servants of Pakistan.

Now it doesn’t get any sillier than that- does it?

Firstly, at these times where one is expected to be normal and act with some wisdom- by simply resorting to care and precautionary measures like not doing anything that would endanger anyone around you- there’s a selfie with a patient who’s tested positive for Covid-19.

Then, on top of it, there are men who hold important positions in the Pakistan government, hence expected to act with caution and dignity, and there they are- acting rather carelessly.

Helps no one, or does it?

Now, according to an update given to the AFP, here’s what NDTV, who wrote an article on the story had to share:

“Six of the government employees have been suspended and put into quarantine,” Rana Adeel, deputy commissioner in Sukkur.

Meanwhile, more matter on the issue states the following:

The commissioner added the six — employees of the provincial land department — were visiting a local politician who was in quarantine after contracting the novel coronavirus during a visit to Iran.   

That being said, shouldn’t those serving a country in important positions have acted with more maturity? What if they’d have gotten themselves afflicted of the virus and would’ve spread it on to the others around them?

Just what Nobel Prize is going to be attained by acting irresponsibly in a situation where acting with reason and being thoughtful would help just about everyone?

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