Perhaps it’s about time we asked ourselves if are we willing to put everything on the line- including respect, dignity, and basic core human rights- in front of the incessant desire to be driven by consumerism?

Because truth be told, in this part of the 21st century riddled by the brazen takeover of capitalism, it doesn’t appear that corporates and even governments, and therefore, an evil nexus of the same cares an iota about basic rights and empathy toward their pupil

If you are wondering where this is another melodramatic rant aimed at autocratic regimes, then it’s time you broke the bias and saw the picture clearly.

We all have come to respect the mighty height of the Chinese economy and the sheer rage with which it’s out there to put on the gloves, taking western supremacy head-on in the ring. But it must be asked how far can China go in its maddening rage to warrant itself to the attention of everybody!

Are Chinese schoolchildren too willing participants in the brutal economic juggernaut that the country has stitched for itself or could it be that hundreds of thousands of innocent, tender lives are being subjected to an extremity for China to sit back uptight on its throne of economic resilience?

How on earth are Chinese Schoolchildren doing in remorseless factories at a time when they should be busy pursuing academic endeavors, shining their notebooks with fancy grades?

Do you have any idea what’s going on its the most autocratic regime in all of Asia? Perhaps, this may give us some jitters, if it might be said.

In order to meet stiff production targets, China has drafted hundreds and thousands of schoolchildren to factories where they are spending days and nights on making Amazon Alexa devices. These indeed are, controversial and illegal attempts to subject innocent, young lives to labor.

In an absolute breach of Chinese labor laws, hundreds and thousands of Chinese schoolchildren are, therefore, being made to overwork, where they do nothing else but dedicate all there time in making smart speaker devices.

Keeping Exploitation in focus of a top-notch report published on The Guardian, the following piece of shocking information turned up on the revered newspaper’s website:

Some of the pupils making Amazon’s Alexa-enabled Echo and Echo Dot devices along with Kindles have been required to work for more than two months to supplement staffing levels at the factory during peak production periods, researchers found. More than 1,000 pupils are employed, aged from 16 to 18.

Chinese factories are allowed to employ students aged 16 and older, but these schoolchildren are not allowed to work nights or overtime.

Apparently, Foxconn, that happens to have drafted those Chinese schoolchildren into the factories also makes iPhones for Apple. But when contacted about the questionable tactics, it said that all measures to relieve the situation are being taken. But surely, upon being subjected to journalistic inquiries, the firm went on the defensive saying that most employed in these factories are children of ‘legal’, ’employable’ age.

Contacted for a quote, here’s what Foxconn had to say:

“If we find violations, we take appropriate steps, including requesting immediate corrective action.

We are urgently investigating these allegations and addressing this with Foxconn at the most senior level. Additional teams of specialists arrived on-site yesterday to investigate, and we’ve initiated weekly audits of this issue.”

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