Philosophy and philosophers are known to ask questions and then answer them when no one even thought about their existence in the first place. We have grown up reading and learning about them and how drastically their contribution affects the world that we live in and the people that surround us.

One of the greatest and most influential philosophers of all time is Aristotle. He was a man for whom philosophy was about practical wisdom and how deeply it can affect lives. All throughout his life, he worked in getting answers about some of the most common questions of life, like, what makes people happy or what is art for?

While his work majorly revolved around concepts and questions like these, there are some Aristotle quotes in the midst of these works that touches the reader in an amazing way. The way Aristotle talks about life and its meaning is not only true but also mirrors the fear and thoughts we all have had at some point or the other. We have accumulated 12 of these Aristotle quotes on life that will reach to your soul.

1. The man who isn’t aware of himself is not aware of anything in this life.

Aristotle Quote

2. The world needs educated minds now more than ever.

Aristotle Quote3. Something that we all are dreaming about, constantly.

Aristotle Quote

4. It all makes sense in the end.

Aristotle Quote

5. Courage is the greatest gift one can ever receive.

Aristotle Quote

6. Only you are responsible for your own happiness.

Aristotle Quote

7. One needs to educate their entire self.

Aristotle Quote8. We all should strive for happiness in this life.

Aristotle Quote9. One never knows.

Aristotle Quote10. Art imitates life, completely and wholeheartedly.

Aristotle Quote11. Here’s your essence of life.

12. Stands so true for times like today.

Aristotle QuoteAren’t these Aristotle quotes like mini life lessons that push us to become good people with a life full of happiness?

Jyotsna Amla

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